Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Pride x Loyalty

Episode 11

Hokori × Chūsei” (誇り × 忠誠)

I thought we might get a bit of a build up for the big show down but it seems we’re jumping right into the wrestling!

To be fair that might have actually been the problem in the end. Whilst I didn’t really mind most of the matches being pretty short I felt like Carmilla’s could have been a tiny bit longer and maybe have Hanako actually say more then she did at the end.

This episode really was all about Carmilla with a bunch of other stuff thrown in to pad it out because it felt like they didn’t want to dig deep into who Carmilla was which is fair as this show has always been strange, quirky and light hearted. Even MAO’s depression was done in such a way that you felt bad for him but it was hilarious at the same time.

That being said I kind of like Carmilla as a character and just felt like there could have been something else there. I feel the first match could have easily been lost and Carmilla get the win. Then again I did like that she’s such a ditz she knocked Rose down and didn’t pin her. So I guess I might not change the ending.

It wasn’t a bad episode though I really enjoyed the wrestling matches and the characters that they threw together were fun.

Not only that but we got to see him harass Wolfgang again which is always great.

Obviously the main event is going to main event the entire series so Genzo vs MAO is going to be next week but I can’t wait to see how this ends. It ended up being so fun I think most people seem to have forgotten that this is actually a war?

Like Genzo was brought to stop the Demon Lord and MAO was brought here to stop Genzo defeating the Demon Lord so both are meant to be fighting for their side to win this war but as wrestling really does it has just brought these two sides together to watch something that is fun. Genzo wants to fight MAO as he seems to genuinely enjoy fighting him, MAO has a point to prove and neither really give a toss about what happens to this world.

It makes you wonder whether they’ll be sent back after the final episode or if they’ll end up staying and carving out their own niche in this world.

I think it is safe to say this series has proven that the two sides can work together and it would be interesting if it were to get a second series to see what the actual Demon Lord had to say about this and whether wrestling became something much bigger in their world.

Then again this is a show about a dude who sexually harasses Beastmen by giving them a belly rub so I’m probably looking way too much into anything and everything.

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