Anime Highlights Week 48

2nd – 8th December 2019

Another week and more anime! We’re getting to the end of many series now so lots of fun things ahead for us I think.


Dragon Slayers!

Our girls started the week off by trying to slay a Dragon.

My highlight isn’t the episode as a whole which I guess is actually all about Dragon Slaying but the actual fight against the Wyvern which was just hilarious.

We’ve seen the darker side of their battles and how they sometimes have to raise their hands to humans as well as random monsters but this one was just a hilarious look at the stupidity they can come up with when faced with a challenge that isn’t totally life threatening.

I will never forget Mile launching the others into the air naming them Thunderbirds.




Not a Demon Slayer…

In Cautious Hero on the other hand the Hero Seiya doesn’t actually defeat anything in this episode.

Three massive enemies faced Seiya and each of them were defeated by other people which makes the entire point of the show a bit mute. If these three battles had taken place throughout the series then maybe it would work but having the final three mini-bosses defeated before Seiya’s own eyes kind of makes you wonder if this planet truly is S-Rank and if it is if they honestly really needed a Hero in the first place.

Story wise I guess we’ll find out in the coming episodes what this all means but as someone watching the show I honestly feel like they missed out on actually building some interesting character development for Seiya.

I mean facing a defeat and meeting someone more powerful then him might have been a interesting story just maybe?

Boyfriend Hunter!

Ringo is such a sweet character and in this episode of High School Prodigies we got to learn why she’s such a great character.

She’s overcome so much being a experiment to create a genius just to have her mother turn on her because she surpassed her at such a young age. It was a heart breaking look into the life of a character that I think we all didn’t really think would be looked into.

There were so many Prodigies and the series basically centered itself on Tsukasa and in a way Lyrule that moments like this are a little unexpected.

That being said we got a good look into the kind of person that Tsukasa is whilst seeing how he helped Ringo and in a very much not twist even saw that the people writing this can very much write a love story if they tried they just don’t seem to have much interest in doing so because they want to force Lyrule on us all.

The shame of it.

Bad Heroes…

Now I don’t mean that Genzo and Seiya are terrible at being heroes but they are kind of bad heroes.

On one hand you have a guy who doesn’t want to be a hero and isn’t even being made to be one. He won’t fight beasts of any kind and just wants to open a pet shop.

Then you have a hero that is fully prepared to be a hero just he has to train a bajillion times to actually do the job that he has been sent here to do.

Thing is it goes deeper.

Both have a very similar joke story going on that women seem to fall in love with them yet their advances are never met. Any time Genzo goes to attack the Princess she seems to think he’s going to hug her whilst every Goddess seems to fall at Seiya’s feet.

They aren’t people orientated so neither care what others around them feel.

They just aren’t very good when it comes to being heroes and that is fine. We love them for very different reasons.

Or we love Genzo.

I love Genzo.

The Lousy Teacher…

Giovanni was back in Fire Force and he’s in the highlights not because he was great or anything but because OMG that animation on him was divine!

Honestly it was like something out of Darkest Dungeon and I loved it so much, it was in complete contrast to the normal style and just stood out in such a cool way. I already loved him because of the Plague Doctor get up and his voice but now I love him even more because man did that look cool.

Him vs Obi in their ideology was also cool.



We got a ending to the Veronica/Ray Dawn story this week and whilst Luc wasn’t impressed I think they made the best of a bad situation.

For me we knew from Maryla’s story that Veronica was never going to succeed but Maryla probably would meaning that Veronica was never going to be able to kill Ray Dawn seeing that would make her a really wanted criminal.

So the ending was a bit on the weak side at least at this point Veronica is with Maryla and they can focus on doing something cool right?

Fairy Gone has always been plagued by this extremely drawn out, slow burn story about these two survivors of a terrible atrocity that Ray Dawn created. As the story of the world surrounding them tends to take a back seat to their personal woes of course the ending is going to fall flat because the reasoning, build up and story around what actually happened and why was really in the back seat this entire time only brought up here and there so that there was a actual reason that people can point to and say “there it is, the reason”.

Why this makes the highlight reel for the week is that we’ve watched 22 episodes of this show now and finally FINALLY the actual story of it is over letting the more interesting yet less important story of THE ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD play out now.


Wolfran is still around.

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