After School Dice Club : A Game By Everyone

Episode 11

Minna no Gēmu” (みんなのゲーム)

You might have noticed that I have enjoyed this series so far and one of the strengths has been the story of Midori who once more takes centre stage in the penultimate episode of the series.

Her game is now complete and I really loved getting to see how far she’s come from originally shying away from allowing George to see the game and getting into it with him a little bit.

This episode see’s the game go through two stages, the one that her play test originally led her to create and then the final one where Emmy gives her the last little ingredient to make her game into something a little more special then just a game made by a kid at school.

That ingredient?

Whatever she wanted!

It was such a obvious and simple missing puzzle piece, in a way I’m a bit sad that Emmy came into this show to be the know it all of everything but at the same time I feel like it kind of needed to be her too. Whilst the manager had the right idea with what he was telling Midori he also isn’t a game creator and whilst Emmy is on the same level as Midori she had a different take which helped spark Midori into thinking about why it was she created the game that she created.

That in itself was a sweet story about the guy who works for her fathers furniture showroom and who loves his job because he’s the only person he knows who can spend his time arranging any kind of furniture he wants. I mean when said like that it sounds weird but it was a very positive story that showed Midori that life is what you make of it and being truly passionate is what is important.

We saw the game hit its final stage in this episode and I hope that we get to see it entered into the competition and George’s opinion on it in the next episode.

What I didn’t like about this episode was the ending.

I feel this show has come so far that it is easy to forget that technically Miki is the main character. Her story was kind of a boring one that was over with pretty early on but she still is the main character so whilst we are all feeling happy and glowing for Midori whose dream has kind of come true a little bit we have Miki telling us she isn’t happy.

Now I know it won’t be something horrible.

This is a whole new world for Miki. Her friend has just made her first board game, Midori and Emmy both have very solid dreams that center around their joint hobbies and there could be a lot of reasons Miki feels sad. I get that. When someone I used to work with got his dream job I was super happy for him but hated the fact that I was no longer able to work with him. It isn’t even selfish it is just the reminder that life changes and sometimes those changes can be ambivalent. You are happy but it leaves you feeling sad.

It’ll all hark back to Miki’s original problem of not having friends and being alone, I know this, that fear of not wanting to lose her friends now that she’s having the time of her life but it felt like a bit of a bummer to end such a positive and nice episode on. In some ways I wish they just made that a thing in the final episode instead of tacking it on to the end of what should have been a celebration.

I guess I’ll have to reevaluate that though after I’ve seen the final episode.

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