Vinland Saga : Reunion

Episode 21

Saikai” (再会)

For what probably is the last time the show pivoted to a slightly different focus. The travelling has now been changed up to a more political focus.

There were parts to this episode and each one is setting the road to the finale.

Leif finally finds Thorfinn and see what the years of hatred and battles has done to him which actually wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be. I was waiting for this big reunion knowing that Thorfinn wouldn’t care all that much for it but I felt like Leif’s reaction didn’t really do much for me either.

That was the reunion part and it wasn’t all that great.

As always watching Askeladd working his magic is my favourite part of the show and in this he manages to utilize all sorts of underhand ploys to put the King in a corner and give themselves some breathing space.

Everything from manufacturing a assassination plot to thinking three or four steps ahead of Gunnar just showed that Askeladd is and has been one of the most important people in this entire series. Whether it be for his own men, for Thorfinn to learn from or now in the advancement of the Prince.

No one would be where they are without him.

Now the argument is of course not because him being paid by Floki to kill Thors is what set this entire thing in motion and we now know that Floki was indeed taking orders from the King himself which means that the entire thing is one big nasty circle that the King has created for himself.

It wouldn’t have been as much fun without Askeladd though.

Now I said the reunion wasn’t that emotional and maybe I’m not looking at the word reunion in the correct way as Bjorn reappears after not being seen since he was stabbed. We know that he was dying but it was his death that really worked me to tears in the episode.

His speech to Askeladd after Askeladd basically promised to put him out of his misery telling Askeladd that he wanted to be his friend and being told that he was his only friend was pretty sad. It didn’t take away from the warriors death that Bjorn had or the fact that one of the coolest characters indeed died a rather poor death because it was better then him dying from injuries sustained earlier and more fitting to have died from the hands of his friend.

Again showing that Vikings don’t need any toxic masculine traits to be deadly cool.

I don’t really know where they are going once more having a duel between Thorfinn and Askeladd. We do know in this duel that they have to stop when the Prince declares it is over but with the Prince kind of relying on Askeladd and Thorfinn not happy until he kills Askeladd I’m not sure how they will work this into the story.

Thing is I still really want someone to tell Thorfinn the truth of why his father died. He might never forgive Askeladd anyway but at the same time I feel like he needs to know that it wasn’t a whim that Askeladd killed his father on.

Plus whilst I get that the Thorfinn wants revenge story has never gone away I really feel like they are missing something after the last few episodes if indeed we’re reverting back to just normal old Thorfinn. I get that what has kind of forced him to save Askeladd was the need to kill him by his own hands but at the same time I just feel like there is something there that we really need to see that I’m worried we might now.

Only time will tell.

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