Silicon Valley : Exit Event

It is the final ever episode of one of my all time favourite shows and they can’t just have a happy ending.


Again like the last episode I have to say that I really loved that they pulled back the office of people and all the distractions and just had the Pied Piper boys with Monica doing their thing.

It was a really interesting way to not only end the series but reflect on the series as a whole. We didn’t just see what became of Pied Piper but had a glimpse of the future for each member of the group. Is it sad that Pied Piper had to end the way it did but at the same time it felt like the right path for each character in the end and whilst they didn’t get rich or become tech geniuses or anything like that they seemed to end up happy which is all you could ask for.

What I really liked was the show did a great job of ending everything.

Pied Piper left the world the way it came in. Three idiots who just so happened to be geniuses too failing because they don’t look ahead. Together the three of them managed to create something amazing but the three of them also had to then destroy it because it had become too perfect.

I loved that they had interviews with various different people from 10 years in the future flashing up throughout the episode. It was a shame we never found out what Laurie ended up in prison for but it was fun to see the Gavin continued with the writing even if he doesn’t actually really write the books and where each and every member of the Pied Piper original team ended up. Kind of annoying that Jian Yang in some ways ended up in a better position then the others but it was sweet to see Big Head as the president of Stanford with Richard working as a teacher there and even Jared’s job at a nursing home just seemed to fit him perfectly.

Of course my favourite ending was Dinesh and Gilfoyle as they ended up making a company together and living next door. Their weird friendship was my favourite thing throughout the six series and it ended just the way it needed to.

I have many emotions about this episode and about the end of the series in general but the only thing that matters about this episode was that it was the perfect send off.

It even ended with Richard panicking and messing up though the shot just before that in the old home playing always blue is where my heart died.

This series really was something else.

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