His Dark Materials : The Daemon-Cages

Episode 6

Lyra has ended up at Bolvangar after being kidnapped by Samoyed hunters.

She’s finally in the centre of all that is happening. Can she make it out alive or will she suffer the same fate as Billy Costa and a whole bunch of other children who have been separated from their Daemons?

Once more one of the reasons this show is just so good is the acting and every child actor in this series is amazing. All of the children that Lyra talked to in this episode were amazing.

Specially Lewin Lloyd as Roger.

Their reunion was sad but it was Roger finding out what exactly happens to the children who are taken and the truth of what happened to Billy that really broke my heart in this episode. From the off I knew that him and Dafne Keen were going to be amazing as a duo and they really truly were a force to break you in this episode.

I love just how the show looks too.

Bolvanger is just a big ugly building and the rooms where they experiment on the children are dimly lit and metallic. They look grimy and horrifying instead of clean and clinical like most shows have these kind of rooms

It needed to be that though because what was happening was barbaric and ugly.

They were basically killing children, their souls were being taken from them and whilst they were close enough to their Daemons or in some way was able to survive the process they had basically had their souls ripped from them in the most gruesome of ways. It wasn’t clinical or clean it was horrible and the idea that they’d use just a basic guillotine type contraption was kind of exactly what they needed.

This episode was so hard to watch because it wasn’t just Lyra or Roger, it wasn’t just healthy kids trying to escape. It was children who had lost their souls having to be saved it was a fight to stop something that didn’t just kill but tortured and had lost the very thing that made them them.

The scene where Lyra talks to the nurse and asks her what the name of her Daemon was that they took and just that blank yet terribly sad look was enough to kill me a little inside.

When the Gyptian’s with the help of Serafina Pekkala saved the children and they just hugged those who had lost their Daemons. It was so sad.

Also I don’t say it enough.

Ruth Wilson is absolutely terrifying. Mrs Coulter and Lyra screaming at each other from opposite sides of the door after Lyra escapes once more was one of the strongest moments in the series so far. Lyra’s anger her mothers frustration. Whilst the scene could be seen as being kind of funny it really wasn’t and was such a powerful scene against the evil and good of the story.

Now we have Lee, Iorek, Lyra and Roger on their way to save her father.

This battle might have been won but I do not think we are anywhere close to being finished with the war.

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