Fairy Gone 2 : Parade of Demise

Episode 22

Shūen no Parēdo” ( 終焉のパレード)

Things happened. It isn’t even that it was that long ago that I watched the last episode I honestly just can’t remember where we were and what parts of the ever ongoing story of Veronica and Wolfgang happened and didn’t happen in the last episode.

We are here though doing something where Veronica can try and kill Ray Dawn.

This episode started really cool, we got to see a bunch of really amazing action and I feel like the end of the episode might actually mean the show going forward won’t be as terrible as it has been in patches anymore.

I say this because we finally get to see Veronica, Ray Dawn and Maryla together talking.

It was totally out of character for both Ray Dawn and Veronica and a weak end to the story of the three of them and was mainly I guess a reason to get them all in one place so that the Order could at least get a Fairy Possessed on their side.

Beevee is kinda the coolest and I loved that he just wanted to fight Ray Dawn and Nein as equals. Him destroying Nein’s sword then giving her a Fairy Weapon to fight him was the most bad ass thing I’ve seen, I wish we had stuck around to see how that fight ended up as I’m not sure it’ll be something we see in the next episode as the rest of the episode took us away completely from the fight and geared us up for the final actual war against the Order.

So… The end of the Veronica story?

As I said it was totally out of character. She kind of just gave up in the face of Maryla which isn’t what she’s done at all. It isn’t like Maryla comes over as being any wiser or the fact that Ray Dawn was injured should have bothered Veronica she just kind of stops.

Which is annoying.

Ray Dawn being put out of action before the actual fight didn’t help and him going from “I don’t regret it” to “I apologise with all my heart” in a matter of moments just really felt off itself. I think that has been what I’ve been trying to say with the Ray Dawn stuff all along.

It just didn’t add up.

I kind of would have liked something a little more believable then what we got with him I never bought him not feeling bad about what he did as it just didn’t seem like the true path of any character in this show and if they wanted to keep up the fact he didn’t care then I think he should have died not caring.

This wishy-washy story they have had with all three characters just was weak from the beginning and carried on being weak till this end.

That being said the Divine Beast is now awake and who knows we might get some cool fights in the next episode.

3 thoughts on “Fairy Gone 2 : Parade of Demise”

  1. For the most part I enjoyed this episode. Lots of cool action. I agree that Veronica sparing Ray was weak, given how much she hated him. Guess it was done for story purposes. The bad guys need a fairy possessed organ and out of the three candidates I am glad Ray was the sacrifice.

    1. Yeah I feel like Ray Dawn being the one to be sacrificed was the only answer but I just kind of wish that they had given us a stronger end to that story. Hell Veronica never had to let him go the Order could have taken him and ended that story once and for all.

      It just feels weird that they spent so long building this story and then ended it like that.

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