Dr. Stone : Wave of Science

Episode 23

Kagaku no Nami” (科学の波)

With Tungsten found and collected, Magma on side at least for now and a village behind him it is time for Senku to finally put everything together and make his smart phone of the Stone World to help defeat Tsukasa once and for all.

There isn’t much to really say about this episode honestly.

It was a really good episode and fun to watch but it was a very hands on episode too. There were plenty of things that had to happen to get from where we were with all the bits and pieces collected and ready to were the episode ended with a communication device to help win the war.

In a way it was a pretty boring episode but it injected a lot of fun by having either fun or emotional moments.

Gen putting together the batteries and singing to himself as he did it was hilarious whereas Kaseki getting jealous of Chrome and Senku being building buddies just to be told that he himself was part of their building buddies as well made me feel very warm inside.

Overall though it was just a doing episode and there have been plenty of them leading up to this.

I didn’t feel cheated though.

Each step was explained and characters had little moments where they realised they needed to put more effort in or that they were seeing something they couldn’t understand. As I said it was fun to watch but the premise of it is pretty boring.

Which is why this show is actually as good as it is really.

Quite a lot of the episodes in the second half, which in my opinion is the stronger half, on paper look and sound totally average.

That is where the characters come in.

There is such a vast amount of interesting characters with different ideologies and backgrounds that interact so well with one another that even when there is a episode heavy on Senku telling people what to do and lots of montages of people doing things those little moments with characters just make the episode so watchable and enjoyable.

By the end of the episode you truly want the village to win and to prosper in the future.

We will see if they can do that in the next episode I guess.

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