Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say Surprises Should be Kept Secret?!

Episode 10

Sapuraizu wa naisho de tte Itta yo ne!” (サプライズは内緒でって言ったよね!)

Another cute episode of our number one cute anime of the year.  What is it that the girls are up to this week?!

After getting jealous of Mile reminiscing over her first ever birthday with her friends at the academy Reina decides that they’ll hold a celebration of the milestone of knowing Mile for 200 days.

It ended up giving me a lot of anxiety because Mile being the way she is is kind of the way I am.

The moment her friends seemed distant she instantly thought it was a problem with her, I mean there were plenty of problems she had that they found out at the end and she deserves to have their hate thrown at her, but at this point she had done nothing wrong in their eyes and they were actually working really hard to try and surprise her.

It was a tale of miscommunication and people second guessing each other without actually thinking about anything.

Reina and co all made a assumption based on seeing Mile look at something in a window and worked hard to get money for it away from Mile when in actual fact she wanted the much cheaper thing they overlooked and Mile got upset because she couldn’t stand being left out.

That being said obviously the girls wouldn’t want to tell Mile they were going to buy her a surprise or throw a surprise party and if the girls had been smarter and actually tried to find out what she wanted in a sneaky manner then they would have known they only actually needed a very small amount of money.

It was hilarious but it was also very sad.

Watching Mile go crazy thinking that she was going to lose her friends was actually pretty hard. It is a very relatable feeling when you don’t know why it seems that your friends are kind of doing things without you and whilst she is the funny one and watching her lose it was meant to be funny at the same time you can’t help but feel so bad for her.

Overall it was just another super cute episode though.

I guess we also learnt that Mile was bat shit crazy anyway but yeah.

It was cute.

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