Kabukicho Sherlock : That Woman’s Pad

Episode 9

Ano onna no Negura” (あの女のねぐら)

Jack is on the path to finding Irene. What is on the egg and will she survive?

This was a really interesting episode.

One part of it was all about Irene and who Jack is whilst watching as Sherlock actually became the hero I guess we all knew he would be whilst the other part of it was some more of that genuinely funny stuff we come to love as Kyogoku finally asked Maki out and we get to see her run him around a bit before giving into him and his passionate love.

In a way this really helped the episode too.

Up till this point even the more serious of crimes being committed were looked at with this air of stupidity that this series uses like a sword in battle. The characters are crazy and the world is even crazier so no matter how deep it gets overall it is still a lot of fun and laughs.

This episode still very much had that but it had to change it up a little bit because the crime being committed or what the seriousness of this episode was couldn’t really be dumbed down to silly antics and Sherlock himself had to in some way be kept from that.

This is why the Kyogoku story line that kind of intertwined in it in so much as Kyogoku went to John for help and John similarly talked to Kyogoku about his feelings now that he wasn’t needed by Sherlock because Irene was taking his role was really good because it gave the story that funny side whilst being able to keep Irene and Sherlock in a very serious bubble.

Now I feel like at least John has worked out there has to be some kind of connection between Moriarty and Jack.

Which is kind of how I felt the entire series.

I know that Moriarty famously is Sherlock’s biggest foe and it feels odd to me that up until this point he has only had small flashes of being a bad person. In this episode there are two times when it feels like we’re being told that Jack and Moriarty are working together if not being the same person.

First up was when Moriarty gave Sherlock and co tickets to a Rakugo show originally saying he was going just to get a message that someone was in trouble and leaving. For me I think originally Moriarty was meant to leave with Sherlock and John meaning whoever Jack is would have been able to get to Irene and Sherlocks apartment when they were both out, when John was adamant that it was too dangerous for Irene to be alone Moriarty left so that at least whoever Jack is could get into Sherlock’s room and search for the USB.

Later on and the event that lead to John questioning Moriarty was the fact that he was with Irene after she was stabbed. Only Sherlock, John and Irene should know she was where she was so why was Moriarty there?

I don’t think he is Jack though he very much could be but personally I think there is another person in on this in some way.

The series so far has been a lot of weird and whacky fun and has suddenly become extremely serious and honestly I kind of like that. I also love that they still have these silly things happening in the background and the silly and wonderfully colourful world that has been built up still gets to shine.

Now though I kind of want to know what is on that egg and who Jack is.

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