High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World : It Seems Ringo’s Worked up the Courage to Become a Hunter!

Episode 10

Ringo wa yūki wo dashite karyūdo ni naru yōdesu!” (林檎は勇気を出して狩人になるようです!)

We enter a episode that kind of goes all over the place but at least at last we get to take a look at one of the more overlooked characters.


At first this episode honestly really worried me. I think it was meant to be being funny but it saw Ringo getting told along with Tsukasa that they need to take a break, Tsukasa asking Ringo to visit the city with him and then Ringo looking for advice on how to get close to Tsukasa.

It was funny hearing Aoi’s version of “getting closer” and of course all the girls told her how to do it according to their strengths but I was very uncomfortable with how Keine just basically gave her the advice of raping him.

And the fact that it seemed to be a OK thing for Keine to say.

It was played for the laughs as was Aoi and technically Shinobu too but it was just a very uncomfortable moment that I 100% believe a guy even in anime making the same comments wouldn’t be allowed to get away from it. Instead we got the very hand waved away “drug him then undress him” and was meant to laugh at Ringo’s reaction to whatever Keine said next that obviously made her blush a lot.

Really wasn’t funny.

Whilst the rest of the episode couldn’t make up for a very badly made joke it took a very different path in the second half at least.

Before I go into that I guess I want to say that this kind of build to a romantic thing is something I very much like. Take away the poor joke and it is much more natural and understandable then the thing Tsukasa has going on with Lyrule which once again means when the thing with Lyrule rears its ugly head once more it will feel extremely jarring with something that ended up being real sweet and organic in this episode.

This might also be a huge reason why I don’t like the Lyrule thing anyway.

At first there was just no need for a forced romance right from the start but the longer it went and the more obvious it became that Ringo was interested too it became even more difficult to watch the forced nature of Lyrule trying it on with Tsukasa knowing that the more interesting story was the one with the more interesting and nice character. There is something even forced about how nice Lyrule is, she doesn’t come across as being a character we should like we’re just told that she’s lovely and should be loved. Ringo on the other hand comes over as being a sweet and reserved girl.

Then this episode happened and we learn that Ringo is much much more important then that.

I never thought that at any point we’d get such a short yet sad story on Ringo.

In most anime we’ll have at least one female character that is nervous, introverted and has a crush on a boy they can’t talk too. Whilst she came over as being interesting because of her skills and being stereotypically the cute anime girl this episode made it much more sad and made her much more of a character I personally would love to see more of.

That being that she was created to be a prodigy over being born one.

We see the flashback of her being born and being raised after she passes out because Tsukasa drank from her cup. It was a silly moment in a silly episode that led to us finding out maybe just why she has such strong feelings for Tsukasa.

Learning that her mother created her and then as she slowly got overshadowed by her own daughter basically left her out of scientific jealousy was honestly once more something I never thought this series would ever go into. Like you think they are all just prodigies but finding out that Ringo was created and basically abandoned was not a path I thought  would ever be a thing.

It very much is a thing now.

Where Tsukasa comes in is that obviously his skill is people and somehow he learnt that Ringo needed something in her life to motivate her and bring out her talents so he kept bringing her rubbish to fix until she found something that needed her to start creating things and pushed her to want to make things instead of fixing things once more.

Personally I really loved the story and seeing how the two of them became friends in some ways. Seeing how he saw someone who had a whole bunch of talent that they were wasting and helping them open the door to that talent.

On one hand that and the end of the episode makes me wonder if Tsukasa is as nice as he comes over. Whilst he helped Ringo there is a feeling that he kind of uses her too, always asking so much of her and her getting very little reward out of it other then a “well you are using your talent so should be happy.” On the other he did help her, she gave up creating because creating things pushed her mother away and left her on her own so showing her that she should be happy and proud of her talent was a nice thing to do and ultimately led us to having Ringo in any capacity in this show.

I guess that is the great thing.

This entire thing opens the door to maybe Tsukasa being a little bit of something else or maybe it goes nowhere and this is just made to make us look more into it.

Either way it was a lovely look into another of the main characters which I loved.

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