Assassins Pride : An Enteral Pact

Episode 9

 “Yūkyū no Keiyaku” ( 悠久の契約)

I get the feeling we’ll learn a lot more about Kufa and Rosetti in this episode as it becomes pretty obvious that their past is connected in some way.

I was kind of wrong to be honest with you.

We did learn that their past is connected in that really annoying way that tends to happen. Turns out that Kufa was one of the kids that Rosetti grew up with, in fact the kid she can’t remember but is trying to find, but he had to turn her into a Vampire to save her and wipe her memory so that she wouldn’t be effected by the thirst for blood.

This is my major problem with this anime.

First up I don’t like the whole “we don’t know each other but actually are all connected” story line. It is why I hate Final Fantasy 8 because it very rarely ever makes sense. The only way to make it make sense in this is to basically shrug Kufa off as not being a proper character. Not only is he able to totally hide every bit of emotion but also hide the fact that he recognizes or cares for people.

Personally I just think it is bad story telling and not something they actually intended.

Secondly why would wiping her memory of a event stop her biological need to feed off of blood?

It doesn’t make sense!

Sure she can’t remember being bitten but it never explains just why that even matters. Like we don’t get a proper explanation just a kid summarizing that if he wipes her memory she won’t remember that she wants to eat blood. How does that work?! Surely if that was all it took you could wipe every lancanthrope’s memory and stop them wanting to do anything?

This whole it doesn’t make sense kind of goes through everything in the show.

Like the relationship between Kufa and Melida which has gone from student/teacher to Melida falling in love to them openly talking about how they kiss.

How is that allowed?

Apparently Kufa isn’t as old as we think he is but still old enough that he probably shouldn’t be making out with his students. As he’s such a poor excuse for a character we don’t actually get any reaction out of him when Melida makes grand claims about their relationship but at the same time it is so hard to actually read him because he’s written with no emotion or reactions that you can’t tell if he’s doing things to keep Melida happy or actually means them.

If we can’t tell that he’s looking out for Rosetti because until now it seems like she was a annoyance and not the most important person in his life then how are we meant to understand his relationship with Melida?

Why would her school allow him to keep tutoring her when they think they are making out in private?

None of it makes sense.

Why a lot of it makes no sense is because as I keep saying Kufa is such a non-character and it has taken a actual story like this that made little to no sense the longer it went on to see that it really is that he has nothing going for him.

Even this episode which should have in some way developed him into something a bit more one sided didn’t.

Nothing makes sense.


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