The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : This Reaper is Just Too Invincible”

Episode 9

Shinigami ga Tonikaku Muteki Sugiru” (死神がとにかく無敵すぎる)

Just when you think that you’ve done your job for the day it just keeps getting worse as Seiya found out in the last episode…

The thing with this show is that it just doesn’t give you a reason to care most of the time which is a shame.

Krosde Thanatus, the Reaper, was a super cool concept that could have been a good losing point for Seiya. It could have been a lot of things. What it actually was was just a excuse for a chase around the Divine Realm, jokes about the Gods not being able to defeat it and finally a show of just how scary Valkyrie is.

That isn’t a super bad thing but Kilkapul AND Eraser Kaiser the last two of the Demon Kings or whatever they are called were both killed in this episode, neither by Seiya, and the one thing that actually was a threat also was killed in the end pretty easily not by Seiya. We had three big defeats, one killed himself to summon the Reaper, the Reaper itself was killed by Valkyrie then the Eraser Kaiser was defeated easily by Wohlks Roseguard who then afterwards reincarnated into a baby.

I don’t get it either but that is for next episode.

At this point I feel this show doesn’t really have much to give to us anymore.

If you like the humour then it’ll always be pretty funny. Sometimes it’ll surprise us with some really in depth and dark moments and there is always a tease of some grand character developing moment for Seiya that never actually comes. Each episode either ends with a big dramatic cliffhanger or a stupid one. Events have basically marched by us at such a fast speed that we are now fully ready for this fight against the Demon Lord just without anything we need to fight him.

For a show about fighting against a Demon Lord in a RPG type setting in some ways there is no feeling of dread. We might not have the sword or armour we need but you still just don’t feel like Seiya is going to lose. Now we’ve learnt that there are even some humans who can defeat Demon Kings which kind of once more makes it so much less interesting then it could be.

This episode flew by taking any kind of drama or tension with it.

So whilst I still kind of enjoy it, I’ve got used to the jokes which aren’t that funny and the characters are adorable but nothing special it kind of hurts a little bit when you realise that actually… This could have been a much better show.

It doesn’t really matter at this point though.

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