Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Money x Bonds

Episode 10

Kane × Kizuna” (金 × 絆)

Remember that there was a plan that went very badly to steal Hiroyuki by Wolfang and Misha?

Well…. They try it again.

It was a really cozy episode getting us ready for what I guess the end game is.

Another tournament this time pitting Genzo against MAO and Hanako against Joanna which is going to be fun I guess. Even Carmilla has gone to Genzo for help to battle Joanna’s lacky who is constantly calling her a lesser Vampire.

The plot to get Hiroyuki was just a bit of fun in a episode that really didn’t have much going for it other then setting up for this tournament. Having the two sides meeting wasn’t enough to really hold its own episode so having the fun little run around trying to find Hiroyuki was good.

Going forward the show is obviously going to work on getting both sides ready to fight each other but this was OK.

As you can tel I’m struggling to say anything about the episode because it was just a nice episode. You got to see the characters doing what they do best to the point the beginning of the episode kind of pointed it out by having everyone doing their normal morning routine and Shigure being “well this is just the way it is now” including the Princess barging in and demanding Genzo do his job as the hero.

It was kind of a needed episode but at the same time there isn’t much to say about it and the longer it is since it ended the more I forget what actually made it good.

I did like that we saw the bond between Hiroyuki and Genzo a little bit and I kind of want to now see how Genzo feels about MAO because he was extremely friendly towards him but seemingly unaware of the rivalry outside of just story rivals that MAO has with him.

That would be a good thing going forward.

This episode just kind of existed though which is fine. Not every episode has to be amazing. It calmed down all its jokes and was extremely pleasant to watch.

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