After School Dice Club : Happy Holy Night

Episode 10

Happī Hōrī Naito” (ハッピーホーリーナイト)

You want some sad with your happy feels then here we have a festive episode of one of our fav happy time shows.

I like how Aya became the focus because I hadn’t really thought about her home life. We had already seen her sister even though in a way that episode was very Miki focused but I had never really thought about her parents.

Well it turns out that her mother left her father because her father prioritizes his lifestyle over his family.

This episode I think was meant to bring him and Aya together after he hadn’t seen her for two years and instead of going to this Christmas Party that Emmy is holding he decides to go straight out on another job just for me it was a very weak excuse.

His whole reasoning is that doing these things are what makes him him and if he didn’t do them he wouldn’t be him. Instead of the game that the Manager gave them to play showing him that he’s wrong and that Aya has found her own fun just by being here and doing her thing and that maybe he should find some fun in his daughters and their life she kind of just gives up on it and is happy that at least her father has told her that he loves her and is there right now playing games with her and her friends.

It was really weak.

Her father being selfish and admitting that isn’t exactly the way you wanted this to go down. You kind of wanted him to realise that he’s already lost his wife through his selfishness maybe he should think about his kids more but whilst the game Blokus showed them both that they had to let each other in it also didn’t really solve any problems.

He didn’t learn a lesson and she still has a very absent parent who she yearns for the attention of.

Then the second half was sweeter and more upbeat but kind of couple orientated which was a bit weird seeing that they don’t pair out equally.

Both Ryuji and Shota show up again and play Ladies and Gentlemen with the girls, whilst they get to pair up with their love interests Emmy and Midori were paired up together in the most awkward of ways.

Whilst it was fun it was totally forced to have the boys acting “manly” to win the hearts of the girls that they are interested in which just felt silly really. Specially as there was a genuinely lovely moment at the end between both couples. It also felt really awkward having the two best gamers paired up and Emmy being over the top with her wife acting.

Not to say that it wasn’t fun because it was but paired with the first half of the episode it wasn’t my favourite of episodes.

Both games seemed really fun though and I did love the idea of Ladies and Gentlemen whilst Blokus was very simplistic. I also liked that again they tried to open up the story a little more and the games were much more in the background.

Aya is a interesting character and it might have been more fun if the entire episode had been centered around her and her relationships with her father and Shota but I guess it was OK the way it was as well.

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