Watchmen : An Almost Religious Awe

Episode 7

With Will’s story now told, how he managed to get Judd to hang himself and Angela safe, in some ways, out of her Nostalgia high we can move on back to the present and see how the characters react to what they have learnt.

It was a really interesting episode that kind of set us up for what the series as a whole has slowly been building towards.

This wide world is slowly being condensed down into a much smaller one. This plot that the Kavalry have going on, everything from back in the 30s the Klan were doing, the Minutemen… Every character is slowly circling back to each other, each story is snaking its way back together and absolutely everything seems to be connected in some way.

That being said there has to be a episode in the midst of all this that took a step back and re-positioned everything neatly for us and this was that episode.

With so many stories that were waving around in the air for the longest of times it was about time that everything kind of joined up and made sense again and in its own way this episode tried to do so. We had the connecting dots of Angela’s life before the baffling, it seems, revelation that her husband has been a hidden Dr Manhattan all this time. We kind of have the truth behind Judd and what is going on with Joe Keene and Laurie unfortunately is snap in the middle of that. We also kind of get the good news that it looks like Wade isn’t dead as every single member of the Kavalry that showed up at his house is now dead.

So it was kind of confusing but it was also pretty brilliant.

It was dark and played up with your head a little. Small little things were explained in such a fashion that you just sat there wondering what the heck is going on.

More then anything though the episode kind of showed us what the comics and film before it always told us.

Who can really say who is right or wrong at any given point? Humanity lives in some ridiculous gray state forever and no matter how close your morals or goals are to others it just needs someone to flip it to make it wrong. Each person in this show has a reason for who they are and why they are the way they are yet who is right and who is wrong?

Actions and events lead certain people to certain events.

Is Will wrong for what he did to Judd after the life he lived and the things he knew?

What about Lady Trieu? Her entire business seems dodgy as hell and I feel like it is strongly implied she has something much more to do with Ozy who is a nutcase at best and whose own world view was skewered in a weird way.

If two people are awful is there a mid ground? Does one become less awful because the other is even more awful? What moral ground are you going to take to decide on the better of the two?

Talking of Ozy that trial. Oh boy that trial. Sara Vickers and Tom Mison deserve so much credit for their parts in this show as Ms. Crookshanks and Mr. Philips. No I really mean it, their part in these shows are ridiculous but the two of them play multiple parts and yeah they just do a fantastic job. Vickers speech was amazing.

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