Blackwell Convergence (2 Hours Played)

The third game in the Blackwell series reunites us with our original ghostly dream team of Rosa and Joey.

With a name like convergence you can only assume that everything we’ve learnt so far is going to suddenly come together and make a much bigger picture…

You’d be right in thinking that as the third story completes the first two tales in a way you might never have thought of. Every single aspect of both Legacy and Unbond join together to create one massive mystery still to be solved.

The Countess is back, we explore her bond and meet the mysterious Madeline. Whilst I hope the story of the Countess is over, not because I disliked it but because I feel sorry for the poor soul, its obvious that something bigger is being planned by Madeline involving poor Rosa.

Surprisingly it seems that one of the reasons these big plans are abound is because she’s got more “heart” then Lauren… A point that made me snort in amusement because I’ve always felt it was the other way around.

As the series goes forward the animation is ever changing but for me I don’t think its being improved. The changes in this game took me out of it for a little bit before getting used to the much more slim lined looking graphics. Made me instantly crave the simplistic styles of the first game more then the second game did. Gameplay is even more simplistic, they brought back the search engine used in Unbound via the telephone book but this time with the computer and their very own search feature for the internet, gone is the ability to join clues in your notebook to figure out the mystery and instead its really just as simple as using both Joey and Rosa and imagining the information is being passed between them when we’re not looking. It didn’t feel as intelligent or involving as the first two, kind of lost its charm in a big way because of it.

Character wise its still a mixed bag.

Whilst I can take or leave Rosa she is a interesting character to play with but Joey really has been the standout in the two games involving her which makes you only really care about what Joey is doing. Background characters aren’t really memorable which is a shame.

The series is always evolving which includes the game play but I feel like it gets rid of the wrong mechanics at times and for the first time this game really wasn’t very fun to play. That didn’t help that the story wasn’t as gripping as the other two either which is a shame. It was going really strong and this game just kind of felt… Sad.

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