Watchmen : This Extraordinary Being

Episode 6

Once again I’m sorry that I’m so late with this review but here it is. This episode see’s the fallout to Angela taking all of the Nostalgia pills in the last episode, in other words we’ll be seeing just what Will went through back in the late 30s.

This episode was fantastic in so many ways.

Artistically they went for telling the story of Will in black and white which was fitting and made the episode obviously stand out from the rest. Not only that but they had a really good uses of colour regardless of the black and white of the episode. They also flashed between Will being a young Will, played by Jovan Adepo, and Angela herself as she relives the events from when Will joined the police in New York through to him joining the Minutemen to his investigation finding out the horrible truth of what the KKK are up to.

It just added more and more unpleasantness to Will’s story and honestly you can kind of get why he ended up the way he is.

All throughout his life he faced all sorts of racial injustice and when he finally thought the Minutemen would help him fight against it they turned their back on him leaving him to sort it out himself.

His character has always been a mystery I thought was worth finding out about but this episode was so much better then I ever thought it would be.

I really loved the fact that they turned everything on its head. We’d been seeing the stories of Hooded Justice throughout the series but it had been played by a white person so finding out that Will was actually Hooded Justice was actually a shock and a really good one at that.

All the time they mixed this with Laurie trying to save Angela who had to be brought out of her Nostalgia overdose. She gets to see everything from him being young all the way up to him using the hypnotic technology to make Judd hang himself. Those moments when her reality and the drugs clashed were beautifully done and incorporated into the episode.

Honestly what I’m trying to say was this was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

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