Glass (2018)

When I was young I had Unbreakable, a few years ago the world that was created in that film came back with Split and now the trilogy is completed with Glass.

As Unbreakable and then Split were two of my absolute favourite Shyamalan films I was dying to see how the story being told throughout them came together and ended to be honest. Should be a ride.

I’ll start by saying I can see why people don’t like it.

I constantly heard that I would be disappointed by it so not to get my hopes up but personally I really enjoyed the film.

It didn’t end the way I thought and there were so many questions left that you kind of wanted to be answered, there was a whole world out there that we hadn’t even seen the tip of but the story for me was so well crafted that I’m excited for that universe to have the awareness of super humans now but the only story I was interested in ended.

Plus I get that people wouldn’t like THAT ending to THAT story but I think it was the only way it could end.

What the films really did so well was constantly keep you guessing whether or not these guys were what they said they were. Or were what Mr Glass kept claiming them to be and whilst it was always up to you to kind of decide in this one we were downright being given the facts to why he was wrong.

Before we got to see that he was right.

I loved that they brought EVERYONE back. Glass’s mum was there, David’s kid all grown up was there and of course poor Casey was there to try her best to save Kevin from the Horde.

At points it seemed to flash from one kind of film to another which again I really enjoyed. At first you just thought that David would hunt down the Horde and we might have a epic battle with them, when that happened and ended abruptly then it turned into a much more interesting film where we had to seemingly unravel what was really going on but then it hit you again with another change when finally Elijah made his big move and there might have been one or two other twists in there to boot.

That was what I liked though. I can see why it could get on others nerves but I liked it because Unbreakable and Split felt like two very different films, I mean they were but you get what I mean, so bringing the two styles together and then creating ANOTHER style that in a way was the Mr Glass style was great.

All three of the main characters really were amazing. McAvoy was ridiculously good as Kevin Wendell Crumb, each personality that he had to play felt like a different person. Not just the way he spoke but his mannerisms and the way he held himself, it all changed so that you felt like you were watching different people. It was insane. Both Willis and Jackson were phenomenal as the reluctant hero and mastermind of just about everything but they were in the shadow of the fantastic work put down by McAvoy.

Put together all three films are probably one of my favourite trilogies of all time.

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