Silicon Valley : RussFest

Episode 6

Guys. This is it. The penultimate episode. We have this and one other episode left before never having a moment with the boys ever again.

What better way to start the final two episodes of this fantastic show then one more run with Russ Hanneman?

This episode was a weird one.

It felt like everything was thrown into this episode that makes Silicon Valley what it is. All the characters we know and love were present and all the jokes that have made this show so good were thrown in.

You want to see a Jian-Yang shenanigan? Have it.

Big Head saving the day? There it is.

Everything going wrong? Richard then saving the day? Everything going wrong again? Accidental saving of the day?

In a way the episode felt thrown together and forced but you kind of got over that because it went straight back to the roots of the show. Instead of having a big office full of people to help the small team at Russfest walked out after hearing that their deal had fallen through just for Richard, Gilfoyle, Dinesh and Jared to be left to struggle through the way they always do.

It was beautiful.

We had Russ being Russ, Richard panicking about everything and Gilfoyle and Dinesh just being themselves. There wasn’t a second of this episode that wasn’t fully in your face with either good laughs or deep moments.

Pied Piper finally works.

It finally proved itself and with Lori unable to beat them and now the proof of what their company can do for all to see we might have finally reached a point in this show where we can honestly say they’ll have a happy ending.

Pied Piper worked guys.

It really worked at Russfest.

Plus what better way to end this episode then a giant hologram of Russ? Love him or hate him he has been honestly the one person who has consistently seemed to care about the guys in a weird way. He’ll throw his money at them and help them out of scrapes and it is nice that he was probably the reason that they end up winning.

Next week is the last ever episode.

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