Was the Women’s Revolution really a Revolution?

All the way back in 2015 the Hashtag #GiveDivasAChance became a thing and later in that year the NXT Women’s Invasion started which turned the Diva’s Division into the Women’s Division once more and changed the world.

Or did it?

I guess I have to start by saying yes, yes it did.

Of course we are talking about within the WWE where women used to get one small segment and maybe a minute long match every week, mainly used as eye candy or just ignored altogether. Now they do tend to have a segment or two much longer and used to create feuds that make as much sense as the WWE ever does and there are plenty more characters in the division and they do at times get the respect they deserve in the ring too with the women Main Eventing Wrestlemania this year as well as plenty of other PPVs.

Was it truly a revolution though?

I mean it wasn’t was it?

WWE’s problem with women comes from the fact that the writers and people in charge just don’t care for them. To many people the women just don’t draw as well as the men and that might be true the thing is if they also aren’t given the chance to draw they never will.

This year or so we’ve seen Becky Lynch prove everyone wrong by putting all eyes on the women’s division and basically earning the women the right to Main Event Wrestlemania, no it wasn’t bringing in a big name like Ronda Rousey that really did that, to fans the match belonged there because Becky was the hottest thing in the world at that point and she did that herself.

That being said there are only so many different ways to do that and Becky did it first so any attempts thereafter feel forced. Which isn’t the women’s fault and for a change isn’t the writers fault.

Where WWE really went wrong with the revolution was trying to prove that they actually cared by bringing in names like Charlotte, Becky and Bayley to work alongside someone like Paige that people loved to face off against the division that had been working their asses off for a decade to keep afloat.

It wasn’t about raising the women but proving fans wrong by laying the blame for what the division had become on a few shoulders and wiping their hands of it.

Whilst the Bella twins might never have been the greatest wrestlers (they were to me goddammit!) the improvement both Nikki and Brie made was incredible. They had been hired for one thing and when the division looked to be taking off in a different direction they both tried to keep up with it. They hadn’t been trained to be the next big thing like the NXT up and comers and they weren’t part of wrestling families like Tamina, Nia and Nattie.

That being said they took the brunt of fans anger when the anger should have been aimed at the WWE itself.

What happened next?

Well Brie and Nikki for their own reasons left and those who were considered “divas” in a Women’s Wrestling world were quickly shuffled all about the place so that the new up and coming REAL wrestlers like Charlotte and Becky could be catapulted into nothing.

That is right.

We were given what we screamed for by bringing in the NXT women and got what we deserved for failing to realise our frustrations weren’t aimed at the Bella twins or Alicia Fox or any other woman that had been hired and done their job in the last decade of WWE television.

What happened next was WWE gave the women a little more time, kept bringing up the incredible talent from NXT to just create a overly large roster of women who they never gave anyone who didn’t watch NXT a reason to care for therefore they were always going to be lower then Charlotte or Becky or Sasha or Alexa.

That shit got stale fast.


At the back of their minds they knew they had Ronda Rousey coming and that THAT was their end goal.

Ronda brought eyes on the product and she was exciting in the way that people forget that Brock Lesnar was exciting when he made his first reappearance in WWE after leaving. She grew into promos and managed to have half decent matches but the major focus was….

That no one in WWE was good enough to take down Ronda.

That this revolution was for nothing.

We got Asuka winning a Royal Rumble just for Ronda to be the main focus of the night. We had a roster of women who worked their asses off just to see Ronda get the main event next to Becky and Charlotte and whilst I doubt many of them cared because it was such a big and awesome thing for the women to have achieved for some people it became obvious that…

That was the point of the revolution in WWE’s eyes.

The women now feel kind of lame. People aren’t really behind many of them anymore and even Becky’s bad ass persona has started to wear thin with some people. There is still this feeling that whatever is happening in NXT whether male or female related is better then what is happening in WWE and no bigger proof of that was how I didn’t see any positive thoughts on Becky after Survivor Series other then “well it’s obviously building to something so we’ll have to wait and see” which is sad as they headlined Survivor Series and people just aren’t excited.

Fans don’t get behind anything that really happens either. Sure some call ups and pushes are strange but the second you turn your back on the gift WWE give you is the second they say “see they don’t know what they want really.” The sad fact is that fans prove that. Lacey Evans might not have been the greatest wrestler in the world and her gimmick might have been outdated, she wasn’t really ready for the main roster but here was a new face we could have got behind and hopefully time in the ring would have made her great (I haven’t watched WWE really most of the year and this is a really old blog that I just really wanted to finish and get out there so she might be really good now I don’t know) but fans just didn’t want it.

The Women’s Revolution was meant to make the women at least a little more equal to the men and by and large that happened.

It really didn’t do much more though.

Then again you could claim that the women are getting equal treatment to the men. After all… It isn’t like all the men get a fair shake of it anyway it just is easier to see in the women’s division maybe.

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