War of the Worlds Episode 3

BBCs big War of the Worlds adaptation is ending with this third installment. With George and Amy together in the past and Amy and Ogilvy in the present we have little to care for and I’m kind of glad it is over.

If this episode was trying to give us a moral talking to then unfortunately it totally missed the mark.

With George’s grand speech about how this is what Englishmen had been doing for centuries and how this might just be humanities punishment for what they had been doing to each other you have to feel like they really wanted to try and make us see the error of humanities ways.

Thing is George is still unlikable and that speech was beaten to a pulp by Frederick’s comeback which doesn’t help that Rafe Spall is just a much weaker actor then Rupert Graves, or at least he is in this series in particular.

Scary moments like the Martian’s out of the Tripods attacking were either too dark and badly framed for us to care for or over in flashes and were merely there to cull the cast as the show started to sway heavily into the “present” story over the actual war against the Tripods. Eleanor Tomlinson ended up once more carrying most of the episode with Robert Carlyle but dramatic moments like Amy telling Ogilvy that they came out of the Tripods to eat were ruined by the fact that we already guessed that seeing we saw them eat people!

Even the truth of what happened to George was no surprise. They tried to draw out as much tension and drama from what was obviously the only thing that really did happen.

The moment that Amy and George were reunited it was obvious he would die.

Honestly a extremely disappointing series which is a weird thing to say when the source material and just what it is could have actually been one of the most fun scary and amazing things the BBC could produce.

Instead it killed its own thunder most of the time.

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