Anime Highlights Week 47

25th November – 1st December 2019

We have one less anime to worry about now that dreadful Ascendance of a Bookworm has been dropped completely. We move on to a week with hopefully complete highlights and no low lights?


Tamaki Kotatsu

You might remember when Tamaki was first introduced, her Lucky Lechery wound me up and at points in this series it was over used or used at the wrong times.

Safe to say I was not her biggest fan.

It is therefore only right that my first highlight of this weeks blog is to say that she’s actually a pretty great character.

Her Lucky Lechery has been down played for weeks now, rarely even showing its head, when it is like in this episode it is both used at the right time and is funny. Which it wasn’t before. It no longer defines Tamaki, her defining feature now is her determination to show she belongs as a Fire Solider no matter what Company she is in. They haven’t even really done that much to show us this but by stopping her being the joke every two seconds we were able to see the character shine through.

She isn’t the strongest and that might be why she’s paired off with Iris in this story but her fight whilst not as cool or bad ass as Maki’s showed that she would fight no matter what to protect others and do the right thing. Her Lucky Lechery can and will play a part in her battles and right now she does need someone else there to help out but she’s grown as a character so much.

This one note joke is now a fully fledged person.

Who would have thought it?

Two birds, one stone

It sounds like a bit of a cop out to stick two backstories into one but Average Abilities kind of needed to do so in their episode this week.

I love all four of the girls but it has to be said, as I did in the review, that Pauline and Mile have very similar backstories. Not only that but Mavis really doesn’t have a story to tell. That leaves them in a weird position after developing Reina and having the show focused a little more on Mile then the others what do you do with Pauline and Mavis?

Now usually I might pick this kind of thing apart.

Average Abilities made this work so well though because Mavis having a family that love her but don’t want to see her run off and get hurt is wonderful but not a story worth telling. Having her story coincide with Pauline’s which is much more dramatic and important, getting to see the character of her family and then just having that adorable scene where her dad runs after them was just a wonderful way to tell a story that didn’t need to be told more then it had been whilst giving us enough of a story that can differ a lot to Mile’s if they ever give us anything on her family.

What I’m trying to say is Average Abilities is perfect and no where near average.

Abrupt Endings.

Not a bad thing but this week saw Beel Bub fall in what can’t really be described as a battle as well as Gustave go down in what can only be described as a sad end to a brilliantly built up battle.

This really was a week for things to just be over because they aren’t the main focus of where the show is going, especially for those shows so close to a end.

Beel Bub.

He might have died super easily but I want to say that Beel Bub so far has been by far my favourite enemy in Cautious Hero.

I might have spent a lot of time telling you in the review that this show and indeed this weeks episode is and was super average but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good and one of the biggest highlights have been the different characters (well not the Goddesses who all are just weird) that have been introduced.

Personally don’t like that he was easily killed but Beel Bub was such a cool concept that I just think he deserves to be mentioned a little more.

Ever Changing Styles.

When I looked into High School Prodigies at first it was tagged as a comedy and I told Luc that he should watch it because he always tends to watch the most action packed and depressing things.

High School Prodigies isn’t afraid to be just a little bit of everything though.

At first it was just a bog standard “ended up in another world” type show. It started with a bit of slice of life as those who had been transported to this world tried to help the village that had helped them. It then got bloody and dark, foreshadowing the possibility of something much scarier in the future. After this though it slowed down to a much more political thing before ramping up into all out war and revolutions.

It is a show that doesn’t shy away from being what it needs to be to tell a story that needs to be told. Every episode can feel like it belongs to a different show completely.

Chibi Kabukicho Row Stars.

There was a lot of good in Kabukicho Sherlock, there is ALWAYS a lot of good in that show but this week I adored the chibi style speech by Mrs Hudson.

It was different. It was adorable and it was kind of needed in a episode that got pretty dark pretty fast whilst not being the most harrowing of episodes.

Not just that but Mrs Hudson is the most adorbs ever anyway.

Fight me.

Enemies behind our Enemies.

Most of the shows we watch seem to have hidden enemies right now. Whether it be our allies in one war possibly becoming our enemies in the next or the enemy we never knew we had being the puppet of someone else.

In High School Prodigies it just so happened to be the Azure Brigade that might end up being our enemies next, that hasn’t played out though and was meant to be a shocking statement from Tsukasa but I don’t think it is half as shocking as it was meant to be if I’m honest with you.

No Guns Life came full circle and we found out that Armed was working for Berühen all along reminding us that this giant company who have no morals also have their fingers in all of the pies.

Final Form?

Did we just see Juzo’s final form in No Guns Life?

After being beaten and running out of his cigarettes Juzo’s body goes berserk and totally changes into some even bigger and scarier thing. He was also nearly pretty much unstoppable though only able to fight as he had a self defense mechanism in him.

I don’t think we’ll see that state again but it was pretty cool and led to a amazing fight between him and Arms that finally ended with him showing that he could indeed still maintain his own will even through all the pain and suffering he was going through.

Plus him waking up to save Olivier was amazing.

Fight Begins.

This weeks Fire Force finally see’s Company 8 going after the Evangelists.

They know enough about what is happening and Victor has led them to their base and now the fight is on. Just the Evangelists knew they were coming and Sho seems to be a particularly decent strategist.

After separating the entire group he sends people out to dispose of them all which saw Maki and Tamaki getting a good fight in.

Can’t wait to see how this all plays out!


Why not?

There was a lot going on in Vinland Saga this week but nothing that really stood out and Thorkell always deserves a mention.

I just really enjoyed the fact that his goal was “make friends with people” and he did just that. No one can hate him because I guess he’s honest. He likes a good fight, even challenged Floki to  a fight in a friendly manner after being greeted by them in a hostile way, and is just overall the friendly giant everyone loves.

Thorkell is still my spirit animal.

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