Vinland Saga : Crown

Episode 20

Ōkan” (王冠)

With Thorkell by his side Canute is on his way to make history.

First up though he has to stay alive in the presence of his own father, the King of Denmark, who is the number one person on this planet that wants him dead.

With not that long to go this show has just become more twisty and turny then I ever thought it would get.

Canute is now such a wonderful character it is such a shame that his transformation had to be rushed into a ridiculous speech where he basically lost his faith. Forgetting about that episode though he now stands tall as intelligent, bloodthirsty yet determined to do the right thing for the people that you can’t help but get behind him.

With the help of Askeladd he is able to survive his meeting with his father and the plots and plans and lives of just about everyone is suddenly starting to take different paths. There will be a assassination attempt on Sweyn at some point, Floki is now nearby so the chance of Thorfinn finding out what really happened to his father is higher and we have a drunken Thorkell winning the hearts of just about everyone the way only Thorkell can.

Thing is this episode was a way of saying “everything before now is over and THIS is what this series is now about” as we finally see the last of Askeladd’s crew leave as the two brothers decide to go home and we learn that the injuries sustained in the battle by Bjorn is enough that he doesn’t have long left to live either leaving Askeladd with just Thorfinn by his side.

Even Thorfinn himself has changed.

He had genuine concern on his face when he saw how angry Askeladd became when Sweyn mused on who his mother might have been and this strange father/son bond I keep mentioning became very obvious in this episode. There was no longer much sneering and whilst it looks very much like Thorfinn is still training to take Thorkell’s head to get his duel with Askeladd that animosity between them just didn’t feel like it was there anymore.

Everything is changing.

They have a plan that is no longer about just fighting or gaining money but that is very deeply seated in politics that with one wrong move could have them killed for very different reasons. They are no longer just out to have fun, Askeladd doesn’t even really have a crew anymore and in Ragnar’s place is a less loyal brother Gunner.

With 3 episodes left it seems the show is taking a even bigger turn then we thought it would.

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