His Dark Materials : The Lost Boy

Episode 5

We have a Armoured Bear and are now marching even further North. Can Lyra help find the missing children?

Again I honestly can’t praise the cast of this series enough.

I enjoyed watching Lyra and Iorek in their journey away from the Gyptians. Getting to know Iorek and his story and seeing how he kind of kept up a dignified act whilst also warming to Lyra and allowing her to do things like cuddle up to him to keep warm was sweet. I mean it is a giant CGI Polar Bear speaking to a little girl and it was more well done then some big budget movies with CGI creatures in it.

Plus I don’t think I’ve ever said how much Kit Connor adds to the entire show. Pantalaimon, Lyra’s daemon, is obviously a ever present character that doesn’t always have anything to say but when he does have something to say it is always important and impactful. How scared he was going into find Billy without his daemon was so good yet so sad.

Not only that but Lyra’s relationship with the Gyptians continues to be super fun to watch.

She doesn’t have much respect whilst also having respect. It sounds silly to say but it is true. In a way she uses them for her own end but she also genuinely seems to come over as caring. She knows her path is now set by the alethiometer so whilst she is aware that the Gyptians want to continue moving forward to get to their children she also knows that there is something super important away from that path that they can not afford to get sidetracked with but she does.

Again Lyra and her story and everything happening in that world is much more interesting then what is happening in the alternative world.

We get to meet Will, the son of John Parry, and whilst we now know his fate and Lyra’s fate are connected and it wasn’t like he was a poor character or anything it just wasn’t as interesting. Maybe because his story so far is much more human, much more real and even being stalked by Boreal doesn’t really do much to make it exciting. When it is coming in between moments of Lyra trying to find out what is happening and a pretty creepy moment as she finally makes it to the village she’s being told to go to it is hard to care about it.

This episode was one of the saddest so far and it was hard to watch.

Moments like Billy finally being reunited with his family and his mother singing to him, Lee telling Lyra he was proud of her and comforting her knowing that no one else could at that moment and even just the story of what brought Iorek to where he is now were just horrible to sit through and it was such a emotionally hard episode to watch.

Truly one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen all year.

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