Fairy Gone 2 : Rusted Warrior and Unopening Door

Episode 21

 “Sabita Tsuwamono to Akanai Tobira” (錆びた強者と開かない扉)

Following the raid on Bellwood where he had disappeared we have to retrace his steps to find out just what he has, what he knows and how anyone can stop him from destroying the world as we know it.

Just first Maryla is going to have to take down one of the grief blondes.

Not hers for a change but Free’s.

If we get another series of this I kind of want Veronica to be dead by the end of this one.

This episode was pretty basic like the one before, the drama we thought we would have ended up being nothing at all as Wolfran got distracted by Free being nearby and left so the fight lasted the entirety of a few minutes.

Personally I didn’t like the Maryla/Ray Dawn stuff as I feel like it is very forced and that is because of Veronica.

Maryla is so caught up in the wrongs she believes that have been done to her friend that she doesn’t feel like she truly has her own opinion on things. Veronica is a criminal at this point and has shown time and time again that she has no interest in Maryla yet we are stuck in this same story loop with the two of them.

Just now Veronica’s opinions and actions are being given to Maryla in a way and it just makes you remember that Maryla doesn’t really have much of a personality or character of her own.

No matter what was happening in this episode if it wasn’t Marco Bellwood and the Eins Order or whatever they are called doing stuff then it was Maryla in the background going on about Veronica.

Kind of over the Veronica stuff at this point.

Ray Dawn himself is such a interesting character and to overlook him as much as they do and not have people actually interact with him but instead constantly shouting at him or just being rude stops us from really learning about him. I found it fascinating that he actually called what he did at Suna a crime and gave a explanation for it but Maryla doesn’t want to hear so we didn’t get to actually learn anything because she didn’t want to learn because she’s so caught up in poor Veronica that she has no interest in the world around her.

Then we’re told she does and she wants to do her part.

It just comes over as being really fake.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Gone 2 : Rusted Warrior and Unopening Door”

  1. That just goes to show how much I miss out on.😩 I didn’t get a smartphone until my senior year of high and I had serious FOMO on things that were relevant.

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