Fairy Gone 2 : Forest of Beginning

Episode 20

Hajimari no Mori” (はじまりの森)

I don’t want anyone to think I forgot this episode because I don’t like Fairy Gone. Have no idea why I thought I had watched it last week, maybe I’ve just been behind this whole time, who knows.

I start saying I don’t dislike it but I do start the review with a genuine, longstanding complaint about the show.

It is just a bit confusing isn’t it?

What seems to have happened is that they had this really big, long winded story that is super interesting and other smaller character stories that were super interesting but they drowned all interesting things with the boring parts, highlighting the wrong parts of just about every story and rushing to tell the important bits that needed to be told so that they could push the same story.

Now what kept me is piecing together all the little bits of interesting but as I had to do that through long dialogue drops things like Maryla keeping being Fairy Possessed secret kind of fell through the gaps and a big reveal like it was at the beginning of this episode had absolutely no effect on me.

I know it is unheard of but to the point having to have people remind her that she is still her just fell flat.

That being said I say that a lot and still watch it because in some ways to me Maryla and Free’s stories have stopped being the focus even though they are still the focus of the episode.

Plus this season and the last part of the first have started to get real good and whilst it still has the same old problems it has let the overall story breath a lot more.

This episode allowed Dorothea to see just how far Bellwood has got in his quest to revive the Divine Beast as well as Wolfrun finding out about Maryla.

It was interesting to go back to Suna and see someone from that area explain what he knows and what has happened. It was weird in a way that we were built up to have a explosive episode but in the end it was kind of BOOM in the beginning just to fizzle out in seconds then BOOM in the end reaching into the next episode. Everything else was calm and fact based.

To its credit it was also one of the best fact based episodes they’ve done because I could follow it pretty well.

That being said it now feels like the show is much more of a binge watch series then a watch weekly because what I learnt wasn’t gripping enough and even the dramatic end to the last episode obviously wasn’t gripping enough that I forgot there was a episode to watch last week but it is still interesting enough that I want to see how it ends.

Maybe that is its biggest flaw.

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