Didn’t I Say to Make my Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say Wyvern Hunting?!

Episode 9

The girls are back and once more they are trying to do something stupid. Well not really that stupid, they take on a job to be Dragon Slayers.

Pretty much a nothing but fun times episode.

Kind of needed after the middle part of this season which got real serious real fast so a nice change of pace. It was as crazy as you would think it was and just so fun.

I probably do talk about those tiny cultural references that Mile makes that just make me laugh and in this episode it very much was just the Thunderbirds thing. Sometimes the references go over my head because of course I don’t consume EVERY tiny thing in the world so whilst I get when it is meant to be something geeky from our world it doesn’t always hit but even though I don’t like Thunderbirds myself one of my best friends is a Thunderbirds nerd and boy did it make me laugh as she launched the girls into the air after the Wyvern screaming “Thunderbird 1 go” and so on.

We kind of were warned early in the episode that this was going to be one of those Mile is a idiot episodes and boy was it needed.

Her argument with the Mage at the end when he told his, rather overused, story of him and the Wyvern was hilarious and just the reactions to her doing things in this episode made me laugh. The girls really took none of her crap without at least letting her know they were unhappy to begin with.

Even the fight with the Wyvern was just silly and fun.

Honestly I think having this show on a Monday (even though I rarely watch it on the Monday) is such a good thing. It really, even in its saddest episodes, is a feel good thing and puts you in a good mood all week long.

Jokes always hit the mark and even long standing jokes like Reina and Mile being a bit worried about the size of their boobs or Mavis easily being able to pass off as a guy just don’t get old.

What can you say other then this is just a real good show.

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