The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : Neat and Tidy but Overly Nymphomaniacal

Episode 8

Seiso na Kuse ni Inran Sugiru” (清楚なくせに淫乱すぎる)

Yes. You read this right. Mitis isn’t that terrifying unless it is the overly sexual part of this anime you find terrifying.

Which I don’t to be honest.

My only compliant beforehand was that it wasn’t funny, this wasn’t really that funny either but at least it is now kind of the theme of the show.

A truly not funny overly sexual “joke”.

Thing is at this point you are so used to it that you know it isn’t going to last long. The Goddesses slowly falling in love with Seiya and going crazy is just a thing that is going to happen now and it isn’t like that is actually what the episode is ever really about.

No this episode went from weird to normal, or normal for this show, in the space of about 5 minutes. We went from Minitis hanging herself upside down, naked from a tree hoping to sex the life out of Seiya to Beel Bub capturing Rosalie and nearly throwing her to his death and the end of this chapter of Seiya’s fight against the Demon King.

If you want really cool battles this show probably isn’t for you as you might have guessed because most of the time he learns that he can’t beat something, runs off and trains then comes back with a OP strategy and that is pretty much what happens here.

So why bother with it then?

This review sounds so negative but it really isn’t. Cautious Hero has long ago shown that it is pretty much a bog standard anime with nothing special about it. Sure the funny bits can be pretty funny, the emotional bits can be very deep and meaningful and the cast of characters they now have work in some odd way together.

It really is just a show that is there though.

This episode gets a plus for the ending with the Adamantoise being summounded and meeting the next Heavenly King that Seiya will have to beat but it is much the same as anything really.

We saw him defeat Beel Bub but it was underwhelming, specially for such a cool looking character and Rosalie was as grateful as you would imagine her to be. We also got told of a must have item to defeat the Demon Lord and it was obvious from the second it was mentioned it would go the same way as the sword and Seiya wouldn’t get it.

What I’m trying to say I guess is that this anime is really good, or passable at least, but it grew stale a long time ago. With no real threat to Seiya it needs the interactions between characters to make it spark and by and large this episode had that but episodes like this are just kind of there for the sake of it. We didn’t get a big emotional piece, we didn’t learn anything about the characters, there wasn’t some big funny moment for us to all chuckle at and in the middle of it all one of the coolest bad guys was killed with no real battle to it.

It was all a bit average.

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