Silicon Valley : Tethics

Episode 5

Tell me what we are missing from season 6 and if you don’t come up with Russ Hanneman then we can’t be friends.

Sure there are a few things that we probably miss more but I love Russ and whenever he gets involved you know things are going to get weird.

They did.

This episode started with Richard literally telling us that things were going too right and so everything had to slowly start to go wrong. We all thought that Gavin might be out of the picture now but he manages to destroy Richard in ways that he never even thought he would.

It was a weird episode if I’m honest but it kind of worked really well. It focused more on Richard and Gavin and their dynamic, once more reminding us that Richard might be ethical in some ways but he isn’t the nicest of people and Gavin, well Gavin didn’t become the leader of Hooli by accident and just because he gets thrown under the bus or falls from a great height doesn’t mean he can’t find new ways to destroy the lives of the people he dislikes.

Like most episodes it had a lot of smaller stories going on in the background like Holden and Jared fighting for control, Gilfoyle and Monica trying to bring the man down after being told they were unlikeable and needed to get better inter-personal scores and Danish getting what he deserves because of Karma.

That being said the overall story was basically Richard digging himself into a hole.

By not letting go of his hatred of Gavin he put himself in a spot where he had to then go back on what he had said and join Gavin, instead of doing that he then decided to bring Gavin down again which left him open to the biggest gut blow there was.

Plus he lost the Hawaii deal and now we get Russ in another episode.

So we WIN. We ultra win this one. There is going to be a Russ fest which is going to be disgusting and we’re all going to hate it and love it and something no doubt will flourish from there like it always does in a Russ centric episode and we’ll find ourselves pivoting or in some way winning once more.

Again it is just a really good episode. It made me laugh out loud more then once and I loved seeing Gavin and Richard go to war once more.

Now onto Russ Fest!

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