No Guns Life : Will

Episode 8

Ishi” (遺志)

Our first proper case that didn’t just see us running around the place trying to save Tetsuro is coming to a end. A conspiracy that has possibly seen a innocent man jailed for crimes we cannot possibly understand.

Just what happened at Norse Scott?

I got the point that there was something about the Extended’s at Norse Scott that Armed wanted to keep secret, I didn’t get what it was that he wanted secret as he kept going on about their dignity. So there are secrets there and Armed used Gondroy to hide it all but how he used him and what those secrets are I’m not too sure.

This episode told us what I guess we needed to know including that it is once again Berühren behind all of what is going on, not that we really needed to be told that, and that Pepper and Seven, the girl and other Gun Head, also work for them.

What this episode did so much better then that was show us just how terrifying a Gun Slave Unit like Juzo is.

It was the battle scene in this episode that truly made you sit up and pay attention.

This show has always been pretty amazing to watch but this entire episode was just jaw droppingly beautiful. Watching as the destruction played out on both Juzo and Armed, the image of Armed’s face mask slowly crumbling as well as Juzo’s transformation were all stunningly animated.

That maybe is why I didn’t full follow what was happening on screen.

So often I was so entranced in what was happening I forgot that I was meant to be reading subtitles or just paying attention to what was being said.

It drew me so into the battle between the two characters that I didn’t really care what else was going on and when there was a lull in the action and Olivier showed up instead of it feeling like a lull in the story it made it better by having Olivier as fierce in what she was saying and her own actions as Juzo had been fighting.

Her asking Juzo to kill Armed just for Juzo to snap out of his berserk rage and not doing it reminding her that isn’t what she wanted at all. It was such a powerful moment that was made so much more powerful by the entire episode that it was thrown into.

This show might not be one that many people talk about or point to as being one of the best of the season, heck I’ve seen so many people who thought the idea of having a character with a gun for a head was enough to turn them off the show completely but this show deserves a lot of praise for having one of the best stories, some of the most polished characters and absolutely amazing animation.

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