Life is Strange 2 : Faith

I honestly didn’t even know the new episode of the game had come out so here I am after finally finding out that it is out to tell you.

I was wrong.

Very wrong.

I’ve spent most of these reviews finding the positive and hoping beyond hope that my own Faith in this story would be proved right. I could see the story they were trying to tell, how you as a older brother will show your younger brother the right path. You could make him see you steal, a LOT, and teach him it was OK or you could tell him no and rather scrimp and save and go without.

At points Daniel even manages to actually show that he is learning. You have options you have no control over like him stealing from Brody if he’d seen you steal in Episode 1.

For me I saw potential and a lot of the negativity I saw personally felt like “why did we have to move away from Chloe and Max?” or “why did we have to bring race into it?” which I thought was absolute bullshit reasons for disliking the game.

It has been a hard slog through four games of varying quality and I can honestly say right now as much as I don’t like Max as a character please give me the teenage angst over this obviously not thought out cluster of stories that have no real meaning at all.

Now let me make it clear it is obvious, very obvious, that your choices have done something to Daniel. Maybe playing the good, decent bigger brother meant that my path was a tad on the boring side but seeing some of the options you COULD have ended up with at the end of the episode shows that what for me was the most important mechanic in this game actually did work and is still present just in slowly less obvious ways.

As for the story of Faith?

There wasn’t one.

At one point I spent what felt like a good majority of the game slowly walking along a desert, even when a truck pulled over to the side of the road to help me it took nearly 3 minutes to waddle over to the truck. This came after constant waiting in a hospital, you press the button for the nurse and OK it was realistic in that the nurse didn’t just pop into thin air next to you but the wait for them to actually show up was unreal ESPECIALLY when you had nothing else to do.

There was so much time wasting in this episode which made it feel like the very thin and pointless story they told was padded out to last enough so that they could charge as much as they do for this game because it really isn’t worth much.

Which is a shame because I genuinely actually loved the story so far and whilst it wasn’t super strong like the first and the actual game play and graphics were a huge step down I wanted it to prove the haters wrong and be more then hot political topics all thrown into a boiling pot and never actually that important.

Again that is something I have constantly argued against.

Telling a story of racism at a point where so many countries need a wake up call to this very big problem isn’t a bad thing but there really was just random, racists pricks in the desert in this episode so that Sean had something horrible to happen to him to once again “open his eyes to the dangers of people.”

Not only that but a wonderful story that could have been told with someone like Jake was rushed in a “I’ll tell you everything about me, this woman is evil because they used conversion therapy on me” now for some people they won’t even know what conversion therapy is or why it is so wrong and Jake’s story will have 0 impact on them one way or the other because… Well… Because it wasn’t a important story but it DID tackle, in this games rushed and horrible way, why cults and religions are evil.

Now that isn’t me speaking because I don’t find religions evil but the game didn’t take any time to show the difference between a crazy cult leader, horribly conservative religious communities and the bog standard normal religious people who don’t do anything wrong in their day to day living. Why? Because why would they when they are just seemingly ticking off a ever growing list of “look at these horrible things in the world.”


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