Kabukicho Sherlock : Don’t Take Off the Swimsuit

Episode 8

Mizugi wo nugaseru na” (水着を脱がせるな)

Everyone’s favourite crazy detective service is back. We have a USB with information that could be super big for everyone involved, crazy characters being crazy and hopefully Mrs Hudson being wonderful.

In a twist for the books everyone is out to solve the case other than Sherlock who is babysitting.

This episode was one of the better put together ones and also one of the sadder ones. It ranks up there with the one about the Morstan sisters in just how easy it was to follow and how heartbreaking the story got.

Having Irene Adler join the crazy cast actually worked really well, it is another face and another super smart person which freed up Sherlock to have the comedy support role on the side and give us a different take on being a detective. We got to see Adler’s strengths being put to good use and even see how well her and Sherlock could indeed work if they decide to put their heads together.

Plus she nearly killed him with her boobs which was hilarious.

Milverton, the bad guy in all this, was actually a very tame bad guy in so much as his bad side was trafficking young girls and blackmailing adults. He wasn’t violent, it wasn’t gang related and yet he managed to be one of the biggest threats without even having to be funny or silly on the side. It was terrifying the length he’d go to just to sell his own daughter to a pervert and by the time we learnt this we’d seen the kid hanging out with Sherlock which made it even sadder because we knew she was a sweet kid.

These episode very much seem to be the stepping stone for the final confrontation with Jack the Ripper who reappears at the end of the episode by sending Irene the ear of her friend asking for a egg.

That doesn’t mean neither this episode or the last weren’t fantastic in fact it makes them better.

We got our introduction last episode to Irene Adler and in this episode we really got to see her personality and life cemented in front of us. Sure there are still many questions on who she is, what she’s really up to and why Jack the Ripper wants her but in two episodes we’ve grown to know her enough that knowing that Jack is after her is enough to make us want to see what happens next.

It isn’t just a random story where we were meant to be invested because in the first few episodes we learnt that Jack the Ripper was a thing in this world that needed at some point to be figured out.

This episode was probably one of my favourites so far and I really can’t wait to see how this story plays out.

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