High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World : It Seems Tsukasa Has Seen Through Everything

Episode 9

tsukasa wa subete Wo mitōshiteiru yōdesu!” (司は全てを見通しているようです!)

They might have beaten Gustav so far but all they really have done is upset someone who has already taken everything they possibly could give and nearly won.

Can their upgrades really save them?

I can’t say I’m disappointed but I kind of wished a tiny bit that we got something different for this episode.

It started out perfectly with Gustave angrily sending his troops into battle in the winter whilst Tsukasa had them out maneuvered at every turn. Seeing the grenades being brought in and just how smart the Prodigies are was perfect.

Then it felt like they didn’t really want to deal with Gustave at this point.

He just kind of got beat, after his one big attempt to take down the Seven-Light his entire army ended up not being behind him at all and in one movement over threw him. Now of course he isn’t actually dead yet, the show confirms this by telling us that his body hasn’t been found which always keeps the door open to him coming back and wrecking havoc somewhere down the line.

I have to say that I’m a little confused over where the series is actually going. Their spread seems to be going at quite the rate and they now seem likely to go to war with the Azure Brigade but like everything it just seems to be a lot of things happening for no reason.

This episode was pretty much that in a episode.

We had the great beginning which ended with that disappointing end to Gustave for now then went into a totally unneeded scene where the girls (and poor Akatsuki) were getting massages and Ringo was upset she didn’t have big boobs before trailing back to the actual story and giving us the bomb that Tsukasa doesn’t trust the Azure Brigade.

That was meant to be our cliffhanger but honestly?

They were so many and they tortured that village willingly. It might have been to keep themselves alive too but it didn’t take much to defeat Gustave and yet there they were happily playing along until what?

Shinobu didn’t do anything special really.

It still feels out of the blue though and I kind of felt like I was missing something.

This show still continues to be a highlight and it still surprises me every week but I’m beginning to see that there isn’t a lot of substance underneath a lot of the very explosive action going on which is a slight concern. Not that it’ll make me enjoy it less but that it’ll be a easily forgotten show after it has finished.

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