Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Princess x Panties

Episode 9

Purinsesu × Pantsu” (プリンセス × パンツ)

The Princess is back.

MAO is also off doing the same stuff.

We’re at peak ridiculousness.

“Look a butt, another butt, that is the third today.”

Does it surprise you that is nearly word from word a quote from this show this week?

We have this strange situation where no one really seems to want to listen to either MAO or Genzo, when they do they get the wrong idea and even they seem to get the wrong idea of what is going on.

Everyone is living in this weird world of ridiculousness that I just love.

None of the jokes have ever got old and I really thought they were. I mean the Princess herself was buttocks’ed in front of us about 20 times in this one episode and yet every single time it was hilarious to watch him throw her on her head.

We have the episode that finally brings the two sides together. MAO knows he’s looking for Animal Mask and is on the rampage till he gets to him whilst the Ogres were able to tell Genzo that MAO was the one that rampaged in their village looking for him. While Genzo isn’t going to do what the Princess wants him too because he doesn’t want to hurt the Demon King, master of all Demon Beasts he is going to probably be on the look out for MAO and his path to befriend the Demon King as well as probably meet MAO is going to look like he’s doing what the Princess wants when in actual fact as I said above no one really listens to him.

Like how many times does he have to befriend a Demon Beast or nearly destroy a entire guild of Hunters before someone realises he just is a giant pervert that wants to stroke everything?

This episode was hilarious though and sure it is a stupid show with stupid stories and over the top characters but it kind of just works.

As I said there are so many jokes that they land on us episode after episode about 20 times each episode and yet they still work. Shigure picking up the random weapons left by the people Genzo beats up for calling him the Demon Beast Killer, him suplexing everyone and showing off the girls butts… There are so many things that should by now have lost any kind of meaning as they are over used as hell but it just works for some reason and I don’t really know why.

In its own perverted way it is super charming.

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