Fire Force : Into the Nether

Episode 19

Nezā he no” (地下への)

We are getting to the more serious part of this show I guess with the Evangelists ready to break the world apart once more and Company 8 ready to fight back.

Question is can we get all the Lore that we’ve been told randomly at the beginning of episodes just in one giant episode of itself?

Can we just point out how kick ass all the girls in Company 8 are?

I mean Fire Force does a great job of letting the females in the show be as good as any male and even with Tamaki and her Lucky Lechery she is still a pretty decent fighter.

This episode was the start of the war with the Evangelists and they separated the entire group from each other. Sho also sent out his exterminators to take out the Company before they even reach him.

Which meant that we got to see both Tamaki and Maki take out some of the Evangelists themselves.

It was really clever how they did it too. Tamaki isn’t the best fighter so she was with Iris and we got to see her heart and the reason why she belongs in the 8th more then anything. She might not have been able to beat the guy without her Lucky Lechery getting him confused and Iris beating him over the head with a pipe but the two of them didn’t need to be saved and you saw how they did their best to do what needed to be done.

As for Maki well she is just the coolest right?

She took out LOADS of them AND the big dude that was there at Vulcan’s. Her and Hinawa are terrifying when they get going and oh my did I love seeing her kick ass. Also laughed myself to death when she took being called a female as being called a cyclops gorilla.

Honestly where does that even come from?!

This episode was honestly so good.

We got the break down of what the Nether is, basically their underground system from before all this happened which has been treated like some hellish place away from the light. Separating the Company means that we have a few fights to get through in the coming episodes before the final big blow out with Shinra and Sho, plenty of things that can be explored as well. It looked like Shinra was going after Victor meaning whoever he actually is might come into play, Obi is obviously going to hunt his guys down with Vulcan by his side and we don’t know where Arthur or Hinawa have gone.

I can see us maybe getting a bit more story next episode with maybe another fight or some of the now freed up characters meeting again at some point, it’ll either be that or we’ll see half the episode focused on Hinawa and Arthur maybe fighting and then a look at where everyone is from there?

All I know is this episode really shone a light on why this show really stands out.

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