Dr. Stone : The Treasure

Episode 22

Magma is going to a cave system with both Senku and Chrome. Could this be any more dangerous?

I had many thoughts about this last week and I’m happy to say that all my worries seemed to be for nothing.

Whilst I won’t go as far as saying Magma is their friend he is very well aware that in some cases he can’t just kill people for no reason. Sure he could have and made it look like a accident but something that Gen whispered to him and his own common sense seemed to make him realise that maybe, just maybe, he needs Senku alive right now.

From the very beginning I kind of guessed that he wasn’t going to kill them. It was obvious when he saved Senku that he was saving him and not shoving him into a hole and you could tell there was pride behind the words he was spouting about trying to kill them. As it turned out he did his best to get the boys home with the stuff they needed to bring down Tsukasa and his bunch.

It isn’t even out of character or anything like that.

He is smart enough to know when to win and lose his battles and whilst he might end up being a pain in the butt for his village going forward I think he is well aware that he won’t be let off the hook with Tsukasa if Senku isn’t there. The village is a target no matter what now and he still won’t be in charge if he takes out Senku.

This was all building up to something that Gen was doing back in the village which turned out to be making a astronomy tower for Senku as it was Senku’s birthday.

As far as episodes go it wasn’t the most important of episodes, there was a lot of interesting facts and science things going on but it was more to do with showing how Magma is currently feeling and where his loyalty lies as well as doing something nice for Senku who is constantly doing nice things for others even if half the time he’s doing it to perfect things to save others.

More then that once more it was nice to see someone else come up with something.

OK so Gen knows what a telescope would look like but it didn’t change the fact that once more it wasn’t Senku making something but in fact someone else coming up with that plan and putting it into action. It is nice to see that the other villagers whether from the Stone World or our world can be helpful or create things.

It also shows that most important thing which is that it is humans that create these things. It doesn’t have to be told to us by a super smart person but can be learnt and created from just about anyone with the imagination to make it.

Which is why sooner or later Tsukasa would fail anyway because humans will always create things.

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