Assassins Pride : The Last Testament of a Certain Skeleton

Episode 8

Aru Gaikotsu no Yuigon” (ある骸骨の遺言)

This show honestly has little chill and after a pretty fun episode and then last episode which introduced us to the creepiest character so far who seems hellbent on blaming Kufa for mysterious attacks we go back to the show just trying to drown us in drama and sadness.

This episode was really good but at the same time I felt like at times it kind of didn’t make too much sense.

Story wise it did but character wise it didn’t.

It felt silly to have Melida decide she would rather not listen to Eli who was trying to talk to her and instead walk off just to end up talking to Black Madea instead. I would have kind of got it more if it had been forced on her and it would have been better off not having Eli say she had something to tell Melida but it just didn’t make sense and felt forced to get Melida away from Eli.

Again later on doing the exact same thing with Madea just made it feel super forced into getting Melida on her own.

What the episode was trying to show and tell us was super interesting though and went far and beyond what I thought was going on. Rosetti ending up being half Vampire too just like Kufa surprised me until this moment as I write this and remember that Kufa came from this village too so him and Rosetti very easily could have been together and experimented on by Blossom or Rosetti experimented on after Kufa.

We don’t really have a explanation for the guy that Melida can hear in her head but I’m guessing he’s the actual big bad and Blossom is just in too far or wants to be known for doing something amazing without thinking.

It is starting to get real good and I’m really enjoying this story there just, as I said, is a small portion of it that feels extremely forced that doesn’t need to be.

What we have is a pretty cool mystery that has embroiled the main characters once more, the attacks and randomness of everything has caused the people that live there to jump to a frenzy but little bits here and there like Kufa speaking out in the last episode, Melida not wanting to hear what Eli had to say before disappearing and just the randomness of it all isn’t helping.

When we see everything played out I feel this will be the strongest story the series has told so far but it feels like it has a lot of padding and a lot of moments to force dramatic and sad experiences instead of organically making them.

Rosetti being a Vampire organically was a what the hell moment for me. Melida being upset that she didn’t hear what Eli had to say didn’t do anything for me at all because it was forced for that moment.

Don’t really want to wait for next week to find out what happened to Kufa. He’ll have to explain now Melida has seen him in his Vampire form.

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