Blackwell Unbound (2 Hours Played)

The second game in the Blackwell series, the game evolves and we meet new characters and have new cases to solve.

When I say new characters I mean we are now spending time with the second member of the Blackwell family that Joey worked with, Aunt Lauren. We’re back in the 70s so no computer to help us and its all good old fashioned elbow grease and going out there and hunting down the truth.

Loved Lauren a whole much more then Rosa, even though the character has been through enough that she’s lost a lot of her empathy at this point she’s still a nice character compared to Rosa. I mean there was nothing truly wrong with Rosa but I always felt like she was just mean spirited. With Lauren you can feel from the very beginning the toll of having to work with Joey weighing on her which makes YOU empathetic to her and her lack of empathy to the world at large.

Its also a much kinder and laid back Joey. He really has a bond with Lauren, you can understand the change from this game to the first when you see him truly care about someone and knowing that in the future he gets to sit in a room with her in a catatonic state for 25 years. To be then lumbered with Rosa…. Well my feelings go out to Joey.

Gameplay has changed, whilst its still a left click for action, right click to look kind of deal you now get to play as both Joey and Lauren which again makes the game slightly more difficult whilst not making it classic click-and-point difficult. When you’ve run out of options its probably because you’ve forgotten to turn into Joey and have him float about examining everything too. It stalled me more on the first case, the one of the ghost playing the Saxophone, more then the second. Maybe just the familiarity of playing the first game helped but I was able to get into the game much faster and enjoyed it a lot more.

Having two cases to go through was interesting and meant that we had a lot of story to unravel the only problem being that it took a while for the connection between the two cases, that being Mitchell, to become important. I felt like it was kind of obvious but the story obviously is linear so it felt like a slow build up to something that you can figure out quite easily.

That being said it was nice that they were tied together.

There is a little foreshadowing in this one too, obviously being in the past we have to learn more about Lauren but we also get the feeling that we’ll find out bad things that are in store for Rosa herself in the main time line which is a really fun way to boost interest in further games.

One thing I guess I’ll mention is that the Achievements are locked into finding things in the background like extra photos and stuff. I finished the game with 1 out of 10 achievements because I got so into the game I didn’t bother looking around in the background for anything, this isn’t a major problem unless you like achievement collection, I mean it makes it replayable if you want to go back and do so but the fact that I only got one meant that it wasn’t really jump out in your face either what you are meant to do to get them. It isn’t really a important part of the game but I thought I would mention it.

For me the most important thing is that the game grew, it gave us more history, more to do and opened the world a whole bunch more. I loved the first game so loving the second game even more was great and gives you a lot of enthusiasm to complete the series.

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