Anime Highlights Week 46

18th – 24th November 2019

We’ve been getting good at getting the highlight blogs out so here we are again. A week of different worlds, magical things and probably being very confused over Magase in that one totally baffling yet interesting anime.

Not that I ever use that one as a highlight because boy does it baffle me.


Well kind of.

Everything Average Abilities does I love and I loved their take on the normal mid-season “we have to go to the beach” type thing that these shows do.

With Mile from our universe she concocts her own fan service episode so that she can spend the first time ever with friends at a beach, it doesn’t go down well in a world that doesn’t really know what hanging at the beach really is and no one appreciates the “naked” ladies either.

Everything about it was perfect though and I loved it.

Rocket Runner

Whilst Luc found it hilarious that Aoi ran alongside a rocket in this weeks High School Prodigies I loved it.

So it was implausible and a little on the stupid side but it was another cool moment for Aoi who barely gets a chance to do much other then use her sword.

They also kind of needed someone to show some OP strength and fighting skills to beat a guy who literally threw a spear from thousands of miles away and burned up the city, like something had to be done and I’m happy it was a over the top cool thing like Aoi directing the missile manually.

Reverse Fireworks

Cautious Hero did not even give us a second to get into the episode before it had one of its most gruesome scenes so far that had quite a fun sounding name.

Reverse Fireworks are not fun.

Beel Bub is the next Demon that Seiya has to face, a giant fly with a army of fly minions. Doesn’t sound scary right?

Well you would be wrong as these giant flies are able to dodge pretty much every attack and end up lifting the soldiers attacking them up and dropping them to the floor leaving their bodies in pieces and the woods literally dripping with blood.

It was horrible but it was something edgy that I didn’t think Cautious Hero would do so kudos for that.

Wrestling Smark Genzo

Technically he is a wrestler so he can’t be a smark but boy did Genzo embody wrestling fans so well in this weeks episode of Kemono-Michi.

Yes that is right I’m calling us all out for standing on the sidelines of something someone else has created and complaining. “There isn’t enough story” “I don’t like it” “It should be like this” was basically all I heard him say and all I ever see on Twitter.

This weeks episode really did a nice job of showing off how fun wrestling can be albeit in a very quickly put together way so it was only fair that the dark side of the sport, the fandom, were given a call out too.


I. Will. Add. Thorkell. Every. Week.

You don’t believe me just watch!

This week the big dummy told Thorfinn a story about his dad, fought some more, lost his eye, lost his temper, argued with Canute, decided he’d follow Canute then tried to make best friends with the man that he’d murdered the entire crew of and was dueling for the right to kill.

This guy.

This bloody giant of a guy.

He is the kind of character the show really needed and when he popped up he popped up at completely the right time. Thorkell is a breath of fresh air showing the true virtues that Vikings lived up to and just being hell of a guy.

I love Thorkell so much.

Getting together!

Fire Force goes from strength to strength and in this episode we had the return of Beni, all the Companies that are now helping the 8th show back up and just some good times.

It was nice to see that the whole “lets work together” thing wasn’t just lip service either. Members of the 1st, 5th and 7th were all present and willing to share information as well as Beni being willing, kind of, to train both Arthur and Shinra so that they were a little more polished in fighting if the 8th was to have any chance of beating the Evangelists.

Plus we got to see pretty much everyone we cared for in one episode. Other than Li.

Boy I miss Li.


So Luc had to review Kabukicho Sherlock but I have been loving every second of the series and it was so fun to be introduced to more of this worlds versions of our favourite characters.

Irene Adler and Mycroft being the two this week.

It was nice to see moments from the actual stories pop into it too, maybe I hadn’t noticed other subtle nods but there was something about the story of Adler that just stuck with me so the whole “pretending to be a old sick person to get into the house” story line was perfect.

Kabukicho Sherlock is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen but it sure makes me love Sherlock in really random ways.

Who are the bad guys?

I mean you could probably say this about a lot of things but No Guns Life is constantly turning the world upside down when it comes to who is the bad guy and who isn’t.

This episode perfectly played out the story of Juzo and Cronen getting too close to the truth of what happened, a truth that has kept Gondry imprisoned whilst working out great for Armed.

Thing is there are so many things going on that it is still hard to tell who the bad guys are.

Heck we might be the bad guys and just not know it yet!

Farewell, so long, please let the door smash you in the face on the way out!

I tried. Oh boy did I try. I even gave it a blank slate going into this week but I finally let Ascendance go with what has to be, in my opinion of course, the most disgusting lack of self awareness a episode of anything and a character within it could ever have.

At the core it was the episode where someone from this world confronted Mine about who she really is. It was the episode where she could tell someone her story and to be fair she is allowed in that instance to be a little selfish. She did get killed the day she started her new job and she is in the body of a sickly child but the way she went about talking about this all and the lack of respect she showed the child that is obviously now dead and the family and loved ones of that child is sickening.

They did such a good job of nearly having Lutz save it until instead of reminding this random woman that she should respect the body she was given and the new life she has he just kind of went “yeah I wouldn’t want to be in her body either” and then rationalised everything else with “I didn’t really know Mine until you possessed her anyway so I guess for me you really are Mine.”

What absolute and utter bollocks.

Outside of that you had a grown ass woman sit there and tell a child “if you want me to die sure I’ll die but let me go and do it in front of this little girls family first.”

Nothing about their conversation sat well with me and we got the answer to how Urano feels about Mine.

She doesn’t feel anything but disgust at how weak she is.

Oh and how poor the family she had to be part of was.

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