Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : No One Mentioned That Pauline’s Getting Married, Did They?!

Episode 8

Pōrin ga kekkon tte ittenai yo ne?!” (ポーリンが結婚って言ってないよね?!)

Get ready for our weekly check in with the most cheerful and amazing four girls on our TV. This week I am shocked by the title and even more shocked by what happens in the episode.

Overall though it kept with the genuinely lovely feel to it.

What I loved was they brought two stories together to sort them out as one thing, sure it could be looked at as a cop out but I honestly thought it was a nice way to end two stories of differing levels of seriousness. It made sense as to help Pauline you would need someone with some kind of authority, her situation wasn’t one the Crimson Vow could help and whilst her own journey was to buy herself out of this nightmare it was nice that this no longer is a problem.

As we’ve seen the series doesn’t shy away from the serious but as the series is also coming to a end it is nice to think we’ll end the series with the girls not having anything tying them to their pasts. You have to believe if there is any “big bad” from a past that is going to end up in the final few episodes it’ll be Mile’s seeing she is the main focus of the show so it makes sense after spending time with Reina and with two lesser stories to conclude to stick them together.

Not only that but whilst different Pauline and Mile’s (this life) stories are pretty similar anyway so again if they do have to do anything with Mile going forward that takes longer then a episode or two then having a episode or two of something of a similar vain just having happened would not be helpful.

Plus there ISN’T really a story for Mavis so this helped give her something.

Like her dad doesn’t want her to be a Knight and whilst the dialogue was heavy handed and he came across as behind the times, which Mile even said, she’s his only daughter and he lost his wife and just wants her to be happy. I think he saw the potential that she had as a Knight and if anything a happy ending to her story will come much later in any kind of story about this group so it was nice that we at least not only got to see that her father was a fair man, that he was strong willed and keeps to his word but he is also a big softie that honestly just loves Mavis.

I was a bit upset and worried during most of the episode with him and even after the duel when Mavis said thank you to him and he stalked off without saying a word. I saw that her character was touched by it and shrugged it off with “well he is old fashioned” but having him crying chasing after the carriage at the end was perfect.

This show very rarely does anything wrong and I feel a fool for worrying at all.

Of everything I’m watching this is the one that feels like it’ll have the most satisfactory ending. I don’t know anything about its source material, as with most things I watch, so I don’t know if there could be a second season or whatever so the feeling that every corner of this show that they’ve exposed us to will be in some way wrapped up before it ends is nice. There are a few shows I feel will get to their end and you know that the manga has more and you’ll just have to wait and see if there will be more in the future but this one feels like by the time it ends we’ll have told all the stories that needed to be told and if more can come along GREAT! I am always up for cute, heart warming shows. If this is the only stories we get though that is fine because they’ve actually told them in a fun way with satisfying endings.

Which is kind of a breath of fresh air for any kind of entertainment right now.

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