Ascendance of a Bookworm : Lutz’s Main

Episode 8

 “Ruttsu no Main” (ルッツのマイン)

I did say I would continue the series and I just literally forgot I hadn’t watched it (well you all know I don’t like it much so that isn’t hard to imagine!)

That being said here it is. Kind of hoping we’ll get some common sense or a look into the old Main in this episode.

I know I said last episode was going to be the one I made my mind up on and I made my mind to stay watching this but I’m actually so disgusted by this episode that I am not going to watch it.

Which actually is annoying because I liked the episode up until the end. Watching Lutz figure out for sure that she isn’t Main and confronting her.

Thing is they then let her dictate the entire conversation and she was rude and cruel to a child that has died. She’s a adult who sat there treating Main like she was something that no one wanted or would want to be. Sure she would have died if Lutz didn’t want her but she’s not rushing home to tell her family that, Lutz never told her that she was selfish or that being given a second chance at life should make her care more for the life that she took.

Lutz let me down.

In fact whilst it makes sense that he realised that he had more interactions with Main after she died then before it so his feelings for Main are actually for Urano/Main and not Main/Main it is still disgusting in my eyes that in the end he was just OK with all this.

I said I wasn’t going to rant about Main so I’m keeping my promise because all this is about Lutz.

This whole show to me is just cold. It is also bizarre that they have this adult character in a child’s body acting like a snooty adult yet falling in love with a child. They haven’t written a damn thing in this show that has any heart in it. Everything is being done for selfish reasons, a child has been turned into a adults slave basically because of a selfish dream and we’re just meant to be OK with it because Lutz is?

I mean maybe I’ve missed something as the second he flicked her on the head I turned the damn episode off but I don’t think I’ll miss enough to want to see her now she’s got the paper that she’s been abusing everyone for and acting like a brat nearly killing the body that she’s been gifted and ignoring the family that have lost their child/sister to obtain.

Lutz was my final saviour. He was meant to be the one that really made he think about the Main that has gone, he was meant to be the one that maybe made her see that her pursuit for paper had been selfish.

Instead he’s going to be happy now he knows the truth.

I honestly feel like crying about this because I’ve never encountered a more self absorbed character then Main. I don’t really care that it is a made up show with made up characters, obviously it is, I do care that no one NO ONE is going to tell this ADULT that she should be grateful to be in the body of Main, that she should be cherishing the second chance she’s been given and the family that love her.

The actual moment I decided I wouldn’t watch this anymore was the moment she said she’s drop dead IN HER HOUSE because Lutz wants her to the second after she gets her paper.

She would go and do that in front of Main’s family in that cold hearted bitchy way, because that was not the normal way of doing these things this was her guilt tripping Lutz into not wanting her dead, after being cold to them FOR A YEAR after she got the thing she really apparently wanted.

This is meant to be a light hearted and NICE anime?

She won’t die, of course she won’t, but I hope the Devouring kills her. We know it doesn’t because that must be what the Priest was doing in the first episode. I still hope she dies.

What a utterly disgusting show this turned out to be.

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