War of the Worlds Episode 2

We’ve seen the invasion and now we will get to see the fall out. When the Martians arrive what will the world do to survive?

For me I feel like not having this series being linear is what is honestly ruining it a little for me.

Flashing forward and seeing Amy and her child a good few years into the future after the Martian’s have been defeated in whatever way they defeat them but Earth having been turned into a barren wasteland kind of ruins any suspense.

I guess we’re meant to be waiting to find out whether or not George is able to survive but knowing that Amy does kind of ruins everything for me not to a point that I don’t enjoy it but to the point that I find it pointless caring one way or the other whenever she is on the TV. You can say that the journey is still important but knowing where Amy’s journey has taken her kind of makes me not care so much.

Which is a shame because the actual series is amazing to watch.

Seeing the Tripods roaming over London as their smog descends on it sent chills down my spine. Likewise the Ministers death was extremely creepy but unfortunately a little bit too much in the dark.

Even the acting felt better in this, not that the acting had been bad but the direction and timing in the first episode felt off, in this one Eleanor Tomlinson honestly held the entire thing together along with Rupert Graves as they fought for their survival but also butted heads. I honestly feel like Graves is giving such a strong performance as a man stuck between the times he’s in and what he has to feel and his true feelings to his brother and it shows. I was much more interested in Amy and Frederick at times then I was watching George who didn’t really work for me. I do think he was very good next to Harry Melling, and boy was it lovely to see Melling in both this and His Dark Materials on the same night, but the rest of the episode I found it hard to care for him.

Which obviously then meant I didn’t care so much for so much of the past story.

That being said the return of Ogilvy and the ending of the episode were enough to make me crave the final episode.

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