His Dark Materials : Armour

Episode 4

The Gyptian’s are on the move and everyone is headed North.

I feel like I will start every review off now with telling you how much I adore James Cosmo and Dafne Keen together. I’ve said it before but he has a lovely mentor chemistry with her but it is also full of respect and love, more tender moments between the two that actually made me cry. Farder Coram’s influence on Lyra is so important and whilst she is still as strong willed and determined as ever before but for a change she has a adult who respects her and will help her as best as he can.

They are honestly my favourite part of the episodes.

There was so much I loved in this episode. The story really is starting to get really interesting to me even though honestly not that much happened in this episode on the Gyptian side. They were getting ready for the on land part of their journey and whilst getting ready they were trying to make allies including the witches and Lorek the panserbjørne to basically build a rather strange army to continue their march towards finding their children.

Seeing Lyra outsmart adults and figure a way to get Lorek on side was pretty interesting and can I say that I adore Lorek? Not only is he beautifully created but his voice actor really brings so much life to him as do all the voice actors in the series.

What was really interesting with Lyra though is that she is starting to rub John Faa up the wrong way.

He’s the one in charge but Lyra is, as I keep saying, strong willed and has her own plans. She knows they need a Armoured Bear for whatever is happening next and she isn’t being cautious at all so he is starting to get a little annoyed and I wonder how long his support for her will continue if the next time she goes off to do something on her own it brings trouble for his people.

Away from them and no matter how dark their story got it was nothing to what was going on with Coulter.

Her story was kind of moving forward in a slow kind of way. Ruth Wilson is absolutely fantastic when it comes to being creepy and manipulative and just when you think her time is up she is able to twist everything around her and get her own way. I feel for the panserbjørne that she is obviously trying to trick to get her hands on Asriel.

I just love the show. It is so beautiful and whilst as I said this episode didn’t really have much story in it and was more about getting ready for the next big thing to happen I just adored everything about it and how couldn’t you love Lorek?!

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