Kabukicho Sherlock : Wife Looks into the Future

Episode 7

Waifu, mirai wo mitsumeru” (ワイフ、未来を見つめる)

Irene Adler. Now that is a character I totally forgot about in the Sherlock world until she popped up in this episode.

Also Mycroft.

It was actually a pretty loyal telling of the story of Irene Adler, it even came with one of the Detectives dressing up as a old man and pretending to be ill to get into the house. In the end Sherlock wins but not in the way we think and if you turned off before the credits had rolled you might want to go back and take a look because it could just be the beginning of a bigger story now that we’ve got to know most of the Detectives pretty well.

Other then that it was just another fun episode.

This one felt like it flashed by, it felt really short and I don’t really know why that was. The story wasn’t bad and it was paced pretty well but it felt like it missed story as it were.

It felt empty.

There was something between Mrs Hudson and Irene Adler that wasn’t talked about in the episode even though it made Mrs Hudson sad, which I guess is a red flag that Adler might stick around, and even the jokey story of the sex robots that Adler’s fiance was making and that Kobayashi brought was kind of underwhelming even if John had to stick his hand up one of their robotic vaginas to get a fake USB stick from it.

A sentence I never thought I’d even think about let alone type.

As always I loved the Kabukicho twist on Sherlock even if it was just a little weirder then usually but it just felt like something was missing and even if this episode branches off into something else down the line there is no need to have one episode feel so incomplete.

Personally I still think Moriarty is going to be the big bad of the season, I don’t even think Adler is the bad guy in this one story let alone the whole series. The small glimpses of James and his gang in this episode just made me uneasy and I kind of want to see if he plays a part in the bigger story going forward. Then again I might be reading into it too much and the scene after the credits rolled might not be important at all.

That being said I would like to see what is on the USB at some point.

Also John is just adorable, I loved the way he did that little jog to catch up with Sherlock including jogging on the spot whilst talking to the gang who were beating someone up with a baseball bat. There are some really amazing characters in this series and I love that they are all just as important as each other.

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