Dr Stone : Spartan Crafts Club

Episode 21

Suparuta Kōsaku Kurabu” (スパルタ工作クラブ)

We got hydroelectricity in the last episode thanks to Chrome who came up with the idea before Senku thought about it and the old man who created it.

There was a lot of crafting in this one.

It was fun to watch but they did kind of rush through a lot of it. Light bulbs were made, vacuum tubes were attempted, batteries were created too as well as jars to preserve food. All the manual labour jobs have basically been taken over by electricity now meaning that the village was left to prepare for winter which, as I said, with jars to preserve food for longer was going real well.

What I liked a lot about the episode was that Senku nearly gave up.

For once science wasn’t enough and whilst we got lucky and they found tungsten in the end and will now have to go out and find some more for a second it felt like what he was attempting was going to fail for the first time.

I mean they still might struggle as he has picked Magma to go finding the tungsten with them but the problem he has is what if Magma says no?

Magma is still not too happy with how things have gone down and whilst he is working because he has to if he wants to survive winter it doesn’t mean he has to say yes to going to help. In fact it isn’t like Magma couldn’t join Tsukasa and even if he wants to protect the village there is still pride on the line from a guy that got his ass handed to him from science.

The main thing I like about this series of events is that it isn’t all Senku.

Chrome and Kaseki made the waterwheel and Suika finds the tungsten long after Senku gave up looking through the things that Chrome had found and even now they won’t be able to do much without Magma.

For me one of the greatest parts of the show is that it is a team effort. Senku can’t do these things on his own and whilst they can’t do anything without him he can’t do most of the things without them. He knows it too and whilst he knows he’s smarter then them in the science department he has always been a character that knows that being smart isn’t everything. He knew how hard it was creating things on his own with limited stamina and strength behind what he does.

Not only that but he respects that too.

He isn’t one of these nerds that think the jobs they do are below him and he isn’t rude to Chrome for thinking up something and patronizing him. He genuinely respects people’s skills and their strengths and is actually just a nice guy, a nice guy that doesn’t even want to gatekeep science or anything like that but teach people and is only rushing things because he has to.

Senku is a great guy.

This was a great episode.

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