Assassins Pride : No Guidance Above nor Below

Episode 7

Ue mo shita mo hyō wa naku” (上も下も標はなく)

Last week saw the girls get to relax a little and do their own thing but we’re back to conspiracies, people wanting Melida dead and all sorts this week.

I didn’t like the episode all that much.

It wasn’t that it was a bad episode it was just a badly put together one in my opinion.

There was this undercurrent of a super scary and pretty horrid story that was being overshadowed time and time again with ridiculous stuff like Kufa having to pretend to be Rosetti’s boyfriend and Melida getting jealous which ended with her forcing Kufa to put her socks on before he takes her on a “date”.

It was all a little too much which was a shame because between that we’ve gone to a ridiculous place that Rosetti’s father is in charge of with over grown plants and all sorts, they also randomly kill people who have some kind of disease that I guess they get here because of some kind of experiments.

Thing is I should probably be able to tell you more but the interesting bits were drowned out for me by the stupid bits that I zoned out because I didn’t want to have to deal with the stupid.

I don’t like the Melida/Kufa story much anyway, we’re now being told he is actually a teenager? I don’t really know if that is really something or not I don’t really get the world they are living in but I always thought of him as older but as soon as the magic mana detecting potion was used it said a man in his teens was the one doing all the bad things, what bad things they are I’m not sure were really explained, and Kufa himself then said he couldn’t give a alibi.

This is what I mean though.

So far the episodes have been good, not amazing but good and I’ve enjoyed it more because at least the individual episodes have kept me interested and slow build on characters and the world have been decent. This seems like the time we’re going to learn about both Kufa and Rosetti which is OK, I can deal with their stories ending up being mixed, but it could have been handled in the same serious tone as the others but it just kept being taken off track by jokes.

I will watch the episode again next week before the next episode but honestly I just couldn’t watch it and take anything in it was so patchy with the story it was telling.

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