The Blackwell Legacy (4 Hours Played)

So one game series that I brought ages and ages ago and have never made time to play is the Blackwell series of games. I felt a sudden urge to play the first one today and here was what I think.

You play as book reviewer Rosa Blackwell. She’s a bit of a loner which causes problems right at the beginning of the game of just getting into your apartment building, all we really know about her is that she’s not really the friendliest, as you can tell from even the politer responses you can dish out to people, and never really had a family.

Well now she’s got a ghost detective buddy and a helluva lot of work to do.

4 hours is probably on the longer side of game play due to obvious depression reasons, I tend to do a little bit then stare into space or have that nervous itch to check Facebook every ten seconds, but it is a solid game with at least one or two replays in it due to the different achievements you can get.

Its not quite the classic click-and-point. You only have the option to interact or look at a object which annoyed me at first because I’m a idiot and kept left clicking everything just to be told she wouldn’t steal from whomever it was the object belonged to. As with most games its simplicity also lead it to be quite difficult at times because you have to think outside the box and whilst it wasn’t quite as crazy as a classic Click-and-point its still one of those things that when you finally get the right answer you kick yourself for spending so long trying to figure it out.

Personally I really enjoyed the game. Its a detective game really, you get thrown into a suicide report by your boss and soon have to figure out what is happening to three young ladies.

It was interesting to be thrown into such a sad story that just knew when to be humorous and when to take a step back and let the tragedies breath. It helped very much that both the main characters are sarcastic but also kind and sympathetic. Their story has to take a backseat to a point whilst they work together to figure out what is happening but the entire story of why Rosa now has a friendly ghost hovering around her is something fresh and fun.

With it being a series of games it looks like their story will be lovingly fleshed out and we’re in for some fun times.

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