No Guns Life : Overheating

Episode 7

Kanetsu” (過熱)

On the tail of Gondry and it looks like this week see’s the mysteries explode in our faces…

Honestly I say it all the time but this show gets better every week.

Gondry is terrifying but it isn’t half as terrifying as the truth of who Gondry is and why he is doing what he is doing. I feel like they managed to make this episode turn a totally different corner in the second half in a heartbeat without ruining a second of the drama it had built around the fight.

Again Cronen and Juzo’s relationship honestly was one of my favourite things to come out of this entire thing, I think Cronen is kind of low key my favourite character mainly because I’m not really sure of his true feelings or intentions. At first he seemed to be happy to follow his new orders when Olivier was suspended from her post and the order to kill Gondry was sent out but he actually hung about to help Juzo bring him in alive. Whilst those two bicker and I’m sure Cronen wouldn’t hesitate to put him down if needed they both have a lot of respect for each other and just ended up working in perfect unison.

That being said what they managed to do was start to uncover truths that just aren’t allowed to be uncovered.

So it turns out that Armed might be the bad guy? Who would have thought that? It looks like we’ll see Juzo and him fight it out in the next episode whilst Tetsuro has a race against time to get to Juzo with his cigarettes before Juzo possibly overheats himself, in this episode it was Gondry that overheated but I feel like we’re being given a hint to how this fight might end in the future. After all episode 8 might be a bit too early to take down one of the major parts of a conspiracy that has seen Gondry under other people’s control for years.

Which also brings up a good question.

It seems Harmony was being used to control Gondry and that Gondry himself is innocent of what he has been accused of. So who is Pepper? Why has she got another Extended with a Gun for his head? How has she got Harmony? How does any of that connect to Gondry and his past or Armed or the fact that there is some giant cover up?

I feel the show can go many ways from this, either Armed gets out and the cover up remains and Juzo becomes even more wanted for just being the good guy in all of this or he can maybe take down Armed and a investigation gets under way and the true bad guys beyond someone who is probably a puppet like Armed are outed.

Either way it will be nice when the group is all in one place again and I kind of hope we get to see more Cronen and Juzo plus I really want to hear what it is that Gondry has to say.

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