High School Prodigies have it Easy Even in Another World : It Seems Aoi’s Specs are Greater Than Imagined!

Episode 8

Aoi wa sōzō ijō no Supekku wo hakki suru yōdesu!” (葵は想像以上のスペックを発揮するようです!)

I talked at length last week about how this show has gone from one thing to a completely different thing in my opinion and it continues to be a gripping and fascinating drama full of action and impossible things.

This time out it isn’t even a impossible thing like being transported to another world.

Like don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this episode so much it was the perfect way to end the conflict with Oslo and showed that Tsukasa and the others had done enough that even a attack like this won’t change most people’s minds that they are doing the right thing.

That being said.

Aoi being able to not only run at the speed of a missile but having the strength to man handle it as well as it conveniently turning its fire power on and off on a whim was kind of funny? It was meant to be drama packed and tense but I found myself laughing because it was such a odd thing to have the character doing at that point in time. It made sense in so much as the only thing they had to defeat the Lance was the missile and there was no chance without this far fetched idea that it would reach the Lance with fire spirits and Oslo’s own spirit running rampant around the town.

It still just came across as silly though.

It felt like the show couldn’t come up with a good story that made sense so went with someone really over the top. I mean sure a lot of the stuff that happens is over the top and ridiculous like how Ringo is now able to just produce 50 guns out of nowhere but at least I can be all “yeah sure she’s a technical genius” whereas Aoi is a Swords woman and even though I watch A LOT of things with swords people in them I’ve never seen one that wants to be taken a little seriously that can run at the speed of a missile.

Maybe Zoro in One Piece but are we really saying that they are on the same dramatic level as each other?

Again though I got it. It didn’t suit me much but I knew what they were going for and I think to others this would work.

I personally really liked how the Nobles under Tsukasa panicked but Tsukasa had plans in action already and was able to calmly make them just go about the business they needed, I think that was something I really liked. He isn’t just taking over but he’s modernising them and making them aware of how you need to keep calm and do things yourself. It, along with a bunch of other stuff, showed why the people would still sit and support the Seven Light Faith even though a overly strong attack by Oslo was just launched at them and they lost a third of the city and had casualties as well.

Now they are going to go on the attack and with Oslo looking like he lost his arms I don’t think they’ll have a easy time of it unfortunately.

We’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

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